Christian Schwartz

Founder, Admin, Editor, Writer for The Wheelhouse

Born and raised in Michigan. Die hard Red Wings fan. Promising Beer League Defenseman. Pretty good at EASHL. Prefers number 29. Favorite all time Wing is Brendan Shanahan. Favorite current Wing is Darren Helm. Also dabbles in soccer.


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                                                                       Twitter: @Det_Wheelhouse

Zac Higgins

Contributor for The Wheelhouse

Michigan Fan, Snowboarder, Nerd, Goalie for the Detroit Salty Dogs (no, that’s not a real team…).  Goalie for the Detroit Bombers (which is a real team). Oh!  And he’s from Oklahoma.  Weird.


Twitter: @Salty_Goalie



Diane Woodring

Photographer for The Wheelhouse

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