About Us

The Wheelhouse was founded in 2016 in order for me to combine two of my greatest passions, Red Wings hockey and writing. The idea was to create a place where a fan could give his thoughts on the team and sport, and either A) entertain readers, B) educate readers, or C) enrage readers (bad publicity is still publicity).

The next question being, obviously, why am I qualified to write anything that’s worth reading. I don’t have any concrete evidence to back it up. I’ve written a couple prospect reports in the offseason over at reddit.com/r/DetroitRedWings that got aggressively lukewarm reception, so that’s the portfolio. Really though, if you watch the games and read the stats and are willing to take the time to write about it, it can’t be 100% horseshit, can it?

Mostly expect this site to be covering the Red Wings and the NHL, but there may occasionally be articles about the Detroit Lions and Michigan hockey. Beer League talk and xbox hockey is most certainly going to work it’s way in, so you might as well strap in for that too.

Is this site going to gain a lot of traction? Who knows. Maybe this site will die a quick death. Maybe we’ll turn into the next Steve Dangle and you’ll see us on tv in 8 years.

I’m excited to find out

~Christian Schwartz, founder