Game 78 – Detroit Red Wings @ Buffalo Sabres – Floodgates Opened

Joe Hicketts lead all Detroit skaters in the first period which brought a tear to my eye. He’s gonna make the show, guys. I just want my Hicketts jersey, alright?

The Good

Dylan Larkin is filthy. He’s on quite a tear right now, finally finding the back of the net in the past couple games. His shooting percentage had to bounce back at some point. But look at this goal. Watch his leg as he comes in fast and snaps the shot off immediately. This goal was huge for the Wings, coming right after giving up a 2-0 lead on the PK the play before. It energized the team, and it’s things like this that I think make Larkin captain material.

Hicketts is still a point per game player, has as many points as Witkowski, and is only 8 points behind DeKeyser on the season now after this wonderful point blast that gives Mantha a tap in for his 24th of the season. Inject Joe Hicketts into my veins. Yeah he made a couple bad plays in the first but it’s his third game and he honestly looks like he brings more to the table than many of the defensemen on the team.

Athanasiou scored after a fantastic passing play set that was by…

*checks sheets*

Kronwall and Abdelkader?

DDK scored a goal too off of a rebound because apparently the Sabres give up rebounds like they’re tank destroying Ws. Or should they be called ripostes, not rebounds? Because Sabres? Errrr…never mind just watch the clip.

Svechnikov ends the scoring onslaught with the empty netter for his second career goal.

It’s hard to say that this is the team playing up to it’s potential when it’s the Sabres they’re playing against, but they definitely played better than normal here tonight.

The Bad

This is a rough way to start the game, letting Eichel score from way out here. It’s a weak defensive play and poor goaltending positioning that allows this shot in. I’m not even giving it a pass because Eichel.  Personally, I don’t think Eichel is quite as good as everyone said he was going to be, at least not yet. He’s had some injuries, sure, but I remember when it was the McEichel year, as if you can mention those guys in the same sentence.

And continuing a theme I’ve been seeing, the next goal was definitely caused by being soft in front of the net. We are not doing a good job of clearing the crease or tying up sticks when they’re in the goalies face. Clearing pucks from here is huge, and we’ve had a rough go of it. Ryan O’Reilly made us pay for sure.


The WTF?

*Alarm lights flash*


It’s easy to say “Why doesn’t Helm always try to make a move like that” but…why doesn’t he? He clearly has hands, so why do 80% of his breakaways end with him doing a nothing move or just snapping a shot wide?

The world may never know

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