Game 68 – Detroit Red Wings @ Columbus Blue Jackets – I’m Bluer than a Jacket


The Good

Hahahahaha the only time we score even our Twitter calls it cleaning up “garbage”.

Props to Helm for burying it, the way our luck has been I half expected that puck to bounce off the post and go down ice for a goal against.

AA scored on a 2 on 1 where we actually shot the ding dang puck, I assume surprising BOBROVSKY because they review game tape and should have known that we don’t shoot on the 2 on 1, like ever. Once again AA also proves to be one of three players on this team to actually do something.

Pretty much nothing else stood out to me. That’s not true. They looked like they gave a shit in the last minute. And after talking with Brad I do admit that Coreau had some real nice saves tonight and that this game probably should have been worse. That’s not really a good bar to set though.

The Bad

The Red Wings seemed to be playing a different game than hockey. The point of their game was to see how many odd man rushes you can give up, not how many goals you can score.


Do I need to break things down? Really, at game 68, do I need to explain where our problems are? Our defensive positioning is bad, we give up bad rushes often, our offense is anemic at best and doesn’t manage to get much done when we even shoot the puck in the first place. Our coach utterly fails in terms of line combinations and ice time rollout. Explain to me why Witkowski played more time at forward than Svechnikov or Frk. In what world does that make sense?

I’m so tired. It’s a testament to how much I love hockey and this team that I have bent and not broken.


Find someone who loves you the way Jared Coreau loves his post.

Two games in a row allowing shorthanded goals. That’s not what you want. Also, this is why I was advocating to bring up Jared Coreau. He had a lot of issues last season but people were pretty high on him for some reason. I had a huge problem with his post to post movement and I had hoped that he would fix it in Grand Rapids but it’s looked like ass the past two games. At least he made some good saves tonight but this goal he did not look good on. Then again, no one on this team looks good.

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