Game 67 – Vegas Golden Knights @ Detroit Red Wings – Burn it down

I am so fed up with this team.

The Good

If Dylan Larkin wasn’t playing on this team I’d probably take a flyer on the rest of the season. Go watch the Golden Knights and cheer for them. Maybe I could call the blog The Castle or some shit. Because the Red Wings barely even put in the effort tonight to merit mentioning any of them in the good section. Larkin plays his lights out every night through sheer effort. He looks like he’s working harder than anyone else on the ice, night in and night out. If a different player is named our captain when Zetterberg retires we need to riot.

I am glad Svechnikov got brought up. He had a few good chances up close against Fleury. At least he looked like he was trying a little bit.

The Bad

Well it didn’t start well, did it?

I don’t know who to be mad at. Defense? They technically had the pass. Howard? His angle looked good. Either way, it was a bad goal to give up that early and it set the tone for the rest of the game. Then Eakin scored his short handed goal and it all went to shit. Eakin and Tuch each scored again before the end of the 2nd period, and on all of them we looked like we were watching the play. That’s my job, guys. You play the hockey, I watch it. If you’re not playing the hockey then I gotta come down there and do it and NO ONE WANTS THAT.

They played with a bit more fire in the 3rd but by then it was far too late. You can’t decide to give a shit over 75% of the way through the game. That’s not how this works.



So a terrible Mantha turnover happens, whatever. It’s a Red Wings powerplay I automatically assume everything that happens in the offensive zone is going to be garbage. But Mike Green just leisurely goes to take his line change with no awareness, leaving a puck wide open for Eakin to take a nice long breakaway look that Howard probably should have gotten at least a piece of. So in one play we have a fuck up from each level of the Red Wings: forward, defense, and goalie. AND IT WAS WHEN WE WERE ON THE POWERPLAY.



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