Game 63 – Detroit Red Wings @ St. Louis Blues – Losing Streakers

Is your team in the middle of a terrible losing streak? Then I have a product for you! Try our new patented Detroit Red Wings, if you can’t beat them we’ll give you your money back no questions asked! Perfect for slumping scorers, leaky sieves, and teams way out of the wild card.

The Good

The Red Wings defense has been much better in the offensive zone in the past month and tonight was no different. Daley and Jensen both have looked like offense threats in recent games, with Daley scoring goals too. Unfortunately, their good play added up to diddly and squat tonight, but they were some of the only players I noticed on the ice on our end.

There was one sequence where I swear all of the Red Wings were collapsed in the crease and Howard was starfished out and who should save a sure goal with a clear but Anthony Mantha. It was nice to see someone so criticized for being lazy and bad at defense save a goal and have a laugh about it.

We did finally get a goal off a 6 on 5 sequence where Bert rings it completely off the bar in the corner and then who should get the rebound and bury it but Athanasiou? Question: Is it a dick move to essentially repeat the same shot your teammate just took? It’s like one upping them at HORSE.

Howard was pretty good but not good enough to stop the goals, and Zetterberg looked great tonight but that’s like saying you like pizza. Everyone knows it’s true why are you wasting time explaining it.

The Bad

Losing that battle to Schwartz in the corners and then leaving someone wide open like that is really rough. Bad defense. As good as we’ve been in the offensive zone with our defenseman, we’re still terrible in ours.

What the hell was wrong with the ice? EVERYONE was falling on their ass all game. Looked awful. More blown tires than Mound Road in the past week (if you’re from out of town, it’s pretty much a warzone there).

Our offense just couldn’t get it done. That’s a common theme and I want to know why. The talent is there, but the lines never seen to work right. Passes are always going to someone who’s not there yet. It’s frustrating. It’s like watching my beer league team. You know where they’re supposed to be and yet they’re not there! WHY AREN’T YOU THERE?


I can’t believe Blashill didn’t challenge this. Of all the goals he’s challenged this season that were not remarkably close to goaltender interference, this one had all the hallmarks of GI and he didn’t call it. I think there’s maybe even an argument on this one, with the stick hitting Howard in the shoulder, but I think it was a good goal. The point is more that Blashill may actually be learning from his mistakes.

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