Month: March 2018

Game 78 – Detroit Red Wings @ Buffalo Sabres – Floodgates Opened

Joe Hicketts lead all Detroit skaters in the first period which brought a tear to my eye. He’s gonna make the show, guys. I just want my Hicketts jersey, alright?

The Good

Dylan Larkin is filthy. He’s on quite a tear right now, finally finding the back of the net in the past couple games. His shooting percentage had to bounce back at some point. But look at this goal. Watch his leg as he comes in fast and snaps the shot off immediately. This goal was huge for the Wings, coming right after giving up a 2-0 lead on the PK the play before. It energized the team, and it’s things like this that I think make Larkin captain material.

Hicketts is still a point per game player, has as many points as Witkowski, and is only 8 points behind DeKeyser on the season now after this wonderful point blast that gives Mantha a tap in for his 24th of the season. Inject Joe Hicketts into my veins. Yeah he made a couple bad plays in the first but it’s his third game and he honestly looks like he brings more to the table than many of the defensemen on the team.

Athanasiou scored after a fantastic passing play set that was by…

*checks sheets*

Kronwall and Abdelkader?

DDK scored a goal too off of a rebound because apparently the Sabres give up rebounds like they’re tank destroying Ws. Or should they be called ripostes, not rebounds? Because Sabres? Errrr…never mind just watch the clip.

Svechnikov ends the scoring onslaught with the empty netter for his second career goal.

It’s hard to say that this is the team playing up to it’s potential when it’s the Sabres they’re playing against, but they definitely played better than normal here tonight.

The Bad

This is a rough way to start the game, letting Eichel score from way out here. It’s a weak defensive play and poor goaltending positioning that allows this shot in. I’m not even giving it a pass because Eichel.  Personally, I don’t think Eichel is quite as good as everyone said he was going to be, at least not yet. He’s had some injuries, sure, but I remember when it was the McEichel year, as if you can mention those guys in the same sentence.

And continuing a theme I’ve been seeing, the next goal was definitely caused by being soft in front of the net. We are not doing a good job of clearing the crease or tying up sticks when they’re in the goalies face. Clearing pucks from here is huge, and we’ve had a rough go of it. Ryan O’Reilly made us pay for sure.


The WTF?

*Alarm lights flash*


It’s easy to say “Why doesn’t Helm always try to make a move like that” but…why doesn’t he? He clearly has hands, so why do 80% of his breakaways end with him doing a nothing move or just snapping a shot wide?

The world may never know

Game 76 – Detroit Red Wings @ Montreal Canadiens – Jared Coreau-my-god

Well Jared Coreau vs Carey Price is pretty much the last thing you want to see but thankfully the Habs defense is even more terrible than ours.

The Good

Nyquist gets his 20th in the 1st, the second player on the Wings to hit 20. Without getting into how terrible it is that we will once again not have a 30 goal scorer and it now being a decade since we had one, I’d like to instead talk about how good Nyquist has been this season and how no one is talking about it. The only people ignoring him more than the average Wings fan is the Montreal defense on his goal.

Athanasiou looked real strong tonight which was nice since I think he’s been pretty unremarkable lately. Bertuzzi scored and is really clicking on the top line with Nyquist and Zetterberg (seeing a pattern with our goal scorers tonight). Ericsson of all people started that play, and Nyquist just slams it to Price in order to allow Bert to tap in the rebound. I also liked him standing up for Z on the play where Hudon definitely came in low on Zetterberg. That was a shit hit and it’s one of the few times I support fighting.

The Bad

Jared Coreau cannot catch a damn break. I mean, I don’t think he’s an NHL quality goaltender from what we’ve seen so far, but he doesn’t deserve to have goals like the 2nd one Montreal scored against him go in. Danny Dekeyser PERFECTLY deflects it off his skate and into the back of the net and you can almost see the moment where Coreau starts to break. If the feed was in 4k, I bet you could see the solitary tear go down his goalie mask. What’s a guy got to do to get some solid defense, besides play for not the Red Wings?

It was a bit of an up and down game for the team. Strong first period only to be beaten back really hard in the second for the first 2/3rds until we scored again and then we ended the period looking alright again. It’s what happens with a bad team, I suppose. These guys are professionals, so they can put it together for at least part of a game, and then for the rest of it they fall apart like wet noodles.

The WTF?

Just 5 or so minutes after that goal I talked about above Mike Reilly fires a shot that takes a weird bounce and starts to trickle by Coreau. He makes the smart play to lay down on it and just barely pokes it by with his shoulder pads. THEN THE SAME DAMN THING HAPPENS AGAIN IN THE THIRD. A trickler gets by him, no one sees it, and then Galchenyuk can just tap it. Coreau had no idea it was even there. Seriously the dude is 2016-2017 Riley Sheahan levels of cursed. Did he step across the logo or something? I thought they put it on the ceiling so you couldn’t risk that anymore. At least it’s helping the tank I guess.

That felt wrong to write. I’m going to go apologize to my Wings jerseys and Mantha bobblehead.

Game 74 – Washington Capitals @ Detroit Red Wings – 2 on 0, Phenomenal

The Red Wings have been eliminated from playoff contention.

* to the tune of the dreidel song *



The Good

I’ll just take this time to talk about JImmy Howard being really good tonight. He got put in a goalie’s worst situation for the goal against and it happened in the third. And it’s not like the team was playing good defense before him. He had to be sharp on his angles and smother some rebounds. He made some good saves all game, and I don’t hold this loss against him in any way.

Svechnikov looked pretty good. Everyone else was acceptable for the most part, good enough to keep a skilled team like Washington from really getting on the board in any meaningful way, but not good enough to actually score good goals.

The Bad

Our only goal was waved off for goaltender interference. (thanks Ian Oland for the gif)

I agree with this call, I just think it’s funny that the NHL GMs solution was to just put another ref up in the situation room instead of doing something reasonable like, I don’t know, actually address that the rule is confusing? It’s not that we didn’t have enough people looking at it, you fools. It’s that we don’t understand, literally, what the interference is. Bertuzzi makes pretty slight contact and moves through the crease, which I agree is interference, but I’ve seen them allow goals where the player just skates straight through the goalie and wipes him out. What means what anymore?


Ouellet is really lucky his wife iced him at their wedding because he is going to need it for the burns he got on this play. Bobble the puck on the blue line, let both players get past you, fall down while making a desperate stick play, and then watch as they get a 2 on 0 to snipe your goalie who’s been great all evening.