Game 61 – Carolina Hurricanes @ Detroit Red Wings – Special Teams Special Dreams

I feel like 80% of this game was played on the Special Teams. I’m not complaining, since the Red Wings managed to pull out ahead of the Hurricanes and even looked pretty good on the PK tonight. The only thing I wish would have happened tonight was Mike Green in the lineup, because if he doesn’t get flipped Wings twitter is going to meltdown.

The Good

Larkin is our future Zetterberg captain confirmed. What a playmaker. He’s tied his rookie season point season tonight with his assist on the first Wings goal, which if you can believe it was the 5th goal this season for Danny Dekeyser. The Hurricanes employed the old 2013 Oilers defense strategy of leaving half the ice open, letting him walk in and snipe it.

Zetterberg scored on the Powerplay and tied Ted Lindsay for 5th most goals in Red Wings history. It was also his 100th Power Play goal in his career. He is 37, and still going strong. I am going to die inside when he retires.

Then Trevor Daley snipes one on the 4 on 4, extending the lead to 2 at the end of the 2nd. I’m reminded that our defense actually can be good occasionally, but they usually seem to save it up for the same game. Still, DDK and Daley now combine for 11 goals this year and I think 10 of those happened after the new year.

The Bad

Holy crap Noah Hanifin sniped this puck even better than DDK did.

Looks like Glendening blows an edge but I think Jensen played this puck wrong. I’m not sure he saw but once Kronwall gets up there he needs to go take the other side, instead he holds up and then doesn’t get to Hanifin until it’s too late. That’s a bad play. Thankfully there weren’t too many of these, and the Wings played a solid game that shutdown the Hurricanes most of the evening.


I’m always impressed by the people behind the benches of hockey games. That’s a dangerous place to be. Blashill got crushed by a puck last season and looked like Joe Louis had punched him in the face. Then last week Ericsson tries to give a puck to a fan and it dings one of our assistant coaches. Even I’ve been popped off the cage on the bench as a player and once off the knee when I was the coach. But it’s usually the puck, and tonight it was the stick. Nyquist’s stick was slashed as he took a swing at the puck and the blade shot up at the blue line directly into a Hurricane’s trainer’s mouth. He needed 10 stitches!

That’s a crazy bounce for the stick to take, up into the bench, and you gotta think that guy must have the worst luck in the world.

So here’s to you, bench bosses and trainers. Way to put your faces on the line.

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