Game 59 – Nashville Predators @ Detroit Red Wings – Where’s Petr?

Someone call Petr he’s the only one allowed to play the Preds for us.

It was a good trade, but I still miss him.

The Good

Please inject Larkin to Athanasiou stretch passes directly into my veins

The best part of this is that I know many of you had the same reaction I did upon seeing the breakaway: that it was about to be 3-0. And instead, Athanasiou picks up a 60 foot bullet from Larkin and just crushes it.

I don’t know what happened in between the 2nd and 3rd but Mantha was taken off for a few shifts and when he came back I swear he looked like their was an enormous fire under his ass. No one else on the team was helping him for those shifts, but he looked good at least.

Tatar trade rumors before the game guaranteed that he would score tonight because the NHL fundamentally runs on IRONY.

I like the new goalie interference rules. If you don’t have the clear evidence to overturn it, let it stand. It’s certainly not perfect but at least we’re getting somewhere.

The Bad

Uh. Most of the first, if I’m being honest. The first goal was just a bad deflection into the net so I guess I’m not too mad about it (though I wish Glendening had deflected it ANYWHERE else). But the Turris goal really bugged me. How do you let them skate around with that much free time in your zone? Feels like they skated through the whole team before the shot got off.

I also feel like we missed a lot of shots wide. Not what you want. I mean, we still gt 36 shots on goal, but how many chances did we lose by rifling that thing so wide? It’s like a death by a thousand cuts with this team. Nothing huge ever buries us. Just a ton of little things.


Weird puck bounces are the worst goals. You feel terrible watching it. You know that really, if it wasn’t for bad luck, your team wouldn’t be down an extra one. Who do you even blame? Ericsson had an incredibly rough game tonight but that goal in particular wasn’t his fault. He can’t stop that puck from bouncing like that. His stick was on it even. He did the best he could. You just gotta sigh and move on, I guess.


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