Game 57 – Detroit Red Wings @ Nashville Predators – The Other Backhand Luke

Yes not Luke Glendening but rather Luke Witkowski with the backhander

The Good

Jensen rips a wrister from the blue line that Nyquist deflects home.

It’s periods like the first that make me think we’re only a few pieces away from competing, because our offense is honestly pretty solid. We also had 3 good penalty kills against a great team. Like, one of the best in the league teams. Almost won the cup last year and has been improved this year team. The point is we played a close, tight game and got it done in both ends.

You know who else was fantastic? Petr Mrazek. How is no one interested in him? A third is nothing for a goaltender who I still think has starter potential. He’s been hot lately, too. I am just honestly surprised that the interest appears to be gravatating towards Jimmy Howard, not Petr Mrazek. He had several huge saves over the course of tonight’s game.

Top the night off with my boy Darren Helm getting the EN goal, and we have a pretty good game.

The Bad

We took some bad penalties (though nothing came from it) and there were more than a few times I felt like we were in a black hole in our own end, but those things happen against a great team like Nashville. So most of the game was really good, no complaints.

Of course the thing that broke the shutout wasn’t even as enjoyable as a bad play by someone but was off a PK for a fucking bench minor. Which then was a breakaway because Ericsson lost an edge in the neutral zone. That part was pretty bad


Oh you all predicted that goal right? The one where Luke Witkowski would come off the bench for Trevor Daley, who was just injured by Justin Abdelkader, and then get a breakaway where he sniped a goal backhand? That was definitely a thing we thought was going to happen, right?

I still don’t believe it happened.

Good for Witter though. He’s a heart and soul guy and even though I don’t love him in the lineup I can’t deny that seeing him get so excited for his first NHL goal certainly brought a smile to my face. Way to go bud.


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