Game 56 – Detroit Red Wings @ Tampa Bay Lightning – 11 Straight Losses

I mean, we knew how this was going to go. It’s Tampa. Detroit doesn’t beat Tampa.

You know, I hate Tampa and I’m all for the rivalry but is it really a rivalry when you get beat all the time?

The Good

Uh….at least Tatar scored?

We did have a lot of shots and some decent chances but we’re against a Vezina caliber goalie right now. If you look on Tatar’s goal, we needed 2 players screening him to get something by.

The Bad

Is your team bad because it lets Nikita Kucherov score? At this point that’s just a thing that happens to every team besides the Lightning (unless he pulls a Laine situation).

Well yeah, it is, when your defense looks like they have no idea how to gap control anyone. They just walked through us on that goal, just like they punked us on the first goal with some nice passing to who else but Steven Stamkos.

So yeah, defense wasn’t good in the first. Or the second, when Stamkos got his second and NO ONE was watching him. You don’t see it in this gif but there was no attention being plaid to Stammer for most of that cycle.


I really defend the kids but oh god Mantha’s backcheck on the 4th goal is so terrible because it’s non existent.

Look at that. Look at the skating, or lack there of. He can negate that goal, maybe, if he’s actually in position. This has always been a problem with him at time, and I’m usually pretty apologetic for him but this one is not defensible in my opinion. He’s gotta be better. And kids, if you’re reading:

A) Find something better to do with your time


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