Game 53 – Detroit Red Wings @ New York Islanders – WHAT IS GOALTENDING?

John Tavares might not play for this team for ever but honestly that’d be a shame. There’s some real good pieces there. Barzal is a great looking player already. And of course, the Red Wings scored some quick goals on them that were erased to make a close game for a bit because that’s the Red Wings way.


The Good

Who looks goals? Do you like goals? We’ve got goals for you! We got forward goals, defenseman goals! Goals by young people, goals by old guys, goals from in close and goals from so far away you can’t even see it go in!

Mantha makes up for his lack of recent production with a goal early, his team leading 17th!

Frk scores a not powerplay goal! He’s got 10! Hooray!

Zetterberg gained his own rebound to snap a scoreless streak, and that was good. 3-0 Red Wings in the first but as you know a score like that cannot stand.

Darren Helm continues to be my favorite player because I think he plays hockey like I do. A ton of hustle but he also constantly looks like he’s just running around with “oh shit oh shit oh shit” going through his head. But even players like us (re: not that great) can put in weird ones if we’re in the right place at the right time.

And then Kronwall goes bar down from the blue line, and I think it can’t get more ridiculous. Then we are about to lose 6-5 and Green scores with 30 seconds left. This game was Gary Bettman’s wet dream for the league. I bet even people who like basketball think there were enough points in this game.

The Bad

Four powerplay goals in one major penalty. Do I need more analysis than this? Do you want every painful clip of bad defense for all six of the goals the team managed to somehow give up over the course of the last 40 minutes of this game? Does it matter? We had a 5-2 lead and we lost 7-6 in overtime. DDK had some of the worst 3rd period defensive plays I’ve ever seen. Fire pretty much everyone on defense into the sun. Or at the very least, into the trade deadline.



YES. Clutterbuck oversold that slash (though I don’t doubt it hurt, slashes are not fun if you’ve never played hockey and taken one).

YES. That penalty was deserved. Retaliatory two handed slashes are for one thing and one thing only: attempting to injure. If you are honestly trying to justify that the Red Wings should not have had to do a 5 minute major penalty kill because Clutterbuck dove a bit, then please shut up. It was a terrible play and Bertuzzi has to be better than that. From a sportsmanship perspective and from a help your team win perspective. Tonight turned into a circus of goals and poor play because of one thing: Bertuzzi’s penalty.

Next Game 

Sunday Matinee game against the Caps.

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