Game 52 – Boston Bruins @ Detroit Red Wings – Shown Up

Feels like 10 years since I watched a game. A weekend of will do that. I expected a blow out tonight, Boston is a red hot team right now and this is a huge match up against a division rival if they want any chance at the playoffs (haha seriously no). In the end it wasn’t quite a blowout but it certainly showed the gap between us and a quality playoff team.

The Good

I’m not sure what changed but the Red Wings are involving defenseman on the rush a lot more. Everyone seems more mobile in the offensive zone, particularly DeKeyser and Jensen. Jensen in particular I thought has looked really good offensively the past couple games. It’s nice to see after his relatively disappointing season thus far. We’re still porous as a sponge on defense, but getting everyone working together in the ozone is a good step towards being a more competitive team.

Martin Frk can still blast PP bombs if you were wondering.

He got a good assist later on Nielsen’s goal with Jimmy pulled, because the Wings love to mess with my blood pressure. Sure enough Nielsen almost tied it on the next play but just fluttered on the play because I can’t have nice things.

The Bad

Defense really fell apart about half way through the 2nd, giving us two goals that made us look like we had no idea what what was going on. Broken plays, bad bounces, poor pass tracking, wide open nets. We had it all in the second! We were also being outshot 2-1 at the end of the second and if it wasn’t for a few in close saves by Howard that score would have been a lot more lopsided than just 2-1. The third period continued to make us look bad both on the PowerPlay and in our own end until the last minute and a half of the game when it was basically too late.


This is the game that says we need to sell. Boston is a playoff team and nothing made me pull my hair out the whole game more than watching us have circles skated around us all over the ice and fail to get almost anything done in the offensive zone. The Red Wings were shut down HARD tonight for most of the game while getting outshot to hell and back. So I don’t know how anyone in management can’t look at this team and think that we are in any sort of playoff race. We are a bad team buoyed by good goaltending this season and anyone who tells it differently is delusional.

Ken Holland says the Wings are open to sell but I’ll believe that when I see it. Until then I’ll continue to watch this team and shake my head.

Next Game

Friday against the Islanders. Can’t wait to see future not Islander John Tavares play.

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