Game 49 – San Jose Sharks @ Detroit Red Wings – Extra Mile

I have family coming in this week so I missed the first period in a feverish mess of cleaning. You don’t notice how that one little corner of your house has accumulated enough dust and hair to form a second cat until it’s the night your family comes to visit and you want to show them you have your life together and you don’t just spend your free time screaming on the internet about Luke Witkowski and Joe Hicketts.

So anyways, onto to the game.

The Good

Well they certainly got chances. The Wings looked pretty dangerous from when I started watching at the start of the second. Bertuzzi, Larkin, and Athanasiou looked great after the stinker of a game against the Blackhawks. Something I said during the game, but Dylan Larkin is probably a player that other teams are going to hate if they don’t already. He’s got speed, skill, and all the tenacity of a starving dog going after a fresh steak. I think he’s got more grit than many so called “gritty” players. I think he takes a lot of penalties this season because of how in your face he is. I also find it funny how Athansiou was crucified for his “defensive gaps” and yet now he’s playing on the penalty kill and I honestly think he’s looked acceptable there. It’s almost like he could improve those skills by giving him the more ice time which has helped  him become a more competent player. HOW ABOUT THAT BLASHILL? REVOLUTIONARY.

I’ve wanted Daley on the PowerPlay over Kronwall because I think he’s a better choice for keeping the puck in the zone and he’s got a bit more offensive upside, but this was not what I had in mind by his offense. What a weird goal to break a phenomenal goalie duel.

Shootout because I’m exhausted already and there’s absolutely no reason why we should have been able to score with a dominant powerplay in OT. Pretty crazy how after that goalie duel pretty much nothing was stopped in the shootout, I tell you. Nyquist, AA, Tatar, and Abby all scored and 3 of those were crazy dekes my god. We finally won off of Abby’s in the 6th goddamn round of the shootout.

Mrazek has looked really good lately. During the Chicago game he was a little weak but it was a terrible game by the whole team and he was fighting a losing battle there anyway. Two shutouts before, and he in particular had several great saves against Brent Burns who was on a rampage of shots against tonight. I’m hoping what ever bug was up his butt is gone.

The Bad

Mostly just too much stick handling and too many pucks to the chest of Jones. I mean, this was a pretty solid game I’d just like to see some slightly better chances than what we were getting. 40+ shots almost all the logo or the glove aren’t actually going to go in. Larkin is also continuing to take a lot of penalties as I mentioned up above, and I gotta think that eventually we’re going to start getting bit in the ass. Every player has something to work on, Larkin’s can be staying off the naughty list.

Glendening losing his stick literally created a Powerplay situation where the Wings were hemmed in for approximately an entire period it felt like until Lablanc just absolutely crushed it from the point bardownski. We kind of collapsed in ourselves for the rest of the 3rd after that.



This turned into a goalie duel but man were there some close chances. I mean look at this.

This was before AA had an entirely wide open net and only a perfect stick check by Vlasic stopped him from burying a sure thing. And it was a sure thing. I could have buried that. Hell, 2016-2017 Riley Sheahan could have buried that.

Next Game

Friday against the Canes and Saturday against the Panthers. As I said I have family in from out of town, so any game recaps should be treated as surprises. Not necessarily goosurprises, but surprises.

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