Game 48 – Chicago Blackhawks @ Detroit Red Wings – Pushed to DeBrinc

It’s always a pleasure when you turn a game on to find that your team has forgotten how to play hockey.

The Good

Mantha scored his team leading 16th of the season on a PowerPlay goal to spoil the shutout. So there’s that.

The Bad

What is the point when your team isn’t even playing? The defense was standing still on almost every goal. They’re letting cross ice passes come through for easy shots on goal. Howard looked terrible and got yanked in the first. For once the 72-71-59 line just got absolutely smoked in the neutral zone and the offensive zone. Nothing looked dangerous, nothing looked like HOCKEY out there. This team defeated themselves before they even got on the ice, and they played like it accordingly. For crying out loud, we moved Witkowski back on defense and he had all the standout offensive chances in the 2nd period that I even remember. WITKOWSKI.

Look at these goals and tell me that we don’t look like a disaster on them.


The WTF?

Here’s a WhoTF instead of a WhatTF: who’s the Red Wings starting goalie next season? Is it Howard, or Mrazek? Because Howard’s had the better stats but also has an injury history and if he gets in his head he can make mistakes. But Mrazek is inconsistent, even with flashes of brilliance and age is on his side. I’m asking because I don’t really know. There’s pros and cons to both of them. As far as I can tell, it might be a crapshoot either way if they’re playing behind this dumpster fire of a defense. But just food for thought, since I think one of them gets moved before the start of next season.

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