Game 44 – Dallas Stars @ Detroit Red Wings – Meteor Edition

This game was the most stressful thing I’ve been through today, and this was the same day that I found out that apparently Michigan was almost wiped out by a literal meteor.

The Good

Tyler Bertuzzi has really found his confidence and is making a really strong case to be a regular member of this roster. Both goals tonight were assisted by him and really he made them happen. The first was a great move to get his own rebound after luring Bishop wide and then giving it to Daley for an empty net, and the other was a great stretch pass to hit AA for a breakaway.

You gotta give AA credit for his breakaway as well, he is literally skating circles around people in the offensive zone every game and it’s great that he is hitting his stride consistently game after game since the New Year. I think he is picking up some slack that Mantha is playing out so I’m just really glad we have him on this team. Man, signing all these kids is going to be a huge nightmare.

Why did Mrazek not get a start after his shutout? I mean, this isn’t really a good but I think he deserved the chance and he might have been better.

The Bad

Holy shit I know this is a 5 on 3 on an invisible elbow from Witkowski and a bad clear by Turgeon (though I think Witkowski was about to throw a dangerous hit so I’m glad he missed), but what is defense? What is it?

Apparently it’s letting Spezza and Benn behind you when you are playing net front. Except, no it’s not! That’s the opposite of defense, and a part of why the Stars scored a freaking goal here.

Also not playing defense is pinching up, not playing the rebound, and then not getting back on the rush WHAT ARE YOU DOING JONATHAN ERICSSON

I’m just infuriated by this game. 15 shots? FIFTEEN? IS THIS AN NHL TEAM OR A BEER LEAGUE TEAM PLAYING UP A DIVISION?


As always Prashanth is more eloquent than I am on pretty much every issue, but I’m going to try and break down why this annoys me:

This was a clean hit on a player in one of his first games, so Witkowski took exception to that and decided to beat on him a bit. It was a pretty boring fight that he nearly ran over Turgeon to get to. So here we have Witkowski fighting because that’s his job. His fight caused a Stars PowerPlay that lead to the 3rd Stars goal. That’s what you want in a hockey team. More short handed chances. I mean, come on. How are we still defending this guy? He brings nothing but penalties to the table. There is 0 room for him on this team. But you know what’s going to happen: eventually something stupid like him staying up and Bertuzzi getting sent down. I am not against fighting in the NHL but I am VERY against signing subpar hockey players to a team because they can punch people. Leave that shit in the 80s where it belongs.

Next Game

Saturday against the Hurricanes, who are sorely missing Aho I bet. Gotta get points there.

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