Game 43 – Detroit Red Wings @ Chicago Blackhawks – Made of Glass

I’ve always thought Glass is an unfortunate name for a player of one of the toughest sports on earth. Like, Glass breaks. He should change his name to Jeff Wall or Jeff Brick or something.

The Good

The fact that we managed to actually win a game against a back up goalie is, at this point, amazing. Three good goals from Larkin, Green, and Mantha. Bertuzzi got his first NHL goal! Our forwards looked good tonight at even strength, the passing was working and we managed to get through the neutral zone. Most importantly, we didn’t look exhausted from yesterdays asskicking. All in all, I was quite happy with the effort the Wings had today.

Larkin started us off a wonderful pass from AA (who continues to look like one of our best forwards right now)

Mike Green crushed this feed from Mantha 2 minutes later

Zetterberg’s skill on the drop pass to Mantha cannot be stated enough. This was one of the most beautiful plays all game.

And of course, Bertuzzi finally gets rewarded for his solid play with his first NHL goal

Finally, Petr Mrazek had a shutout this afternoon, and while I don’t think the Hawks challenged him particularly hard I don’t want to ever start a narrative where an NHL shutout isn’t fucking amazing. Glad to see him playing well, and the cynic in me says that showings like this will help keep the interest in him for the trade deadline.

The Bad

Let’s not do this section. Can’t we just have a good game where we shutout the Blackhawks on NBC and I get to enjoy watching Milbury have to come up with bullshit reasons why we shouldn’t have won?

But because of artistic integrity, I will continue to talk about the stuff we fucked up on.

12 minutes straight without a shot, 0 for 4 on the Powerplay. That’s fucking awful, again. No one is moving, no one is getting open, nothing is working. Blow it up and start from scratch. I’m not joking. You fix this Powerplay, this becomes a fringe playoff team.

Actually wait, don’t do that. Keep it bad until after this draft. Start over next year.


Nyquist weaved his way through the entire Chicago Blackhawks and somehow this was the chance he got. I’m frustrated as hell that he didn’t shoot it earlier, and then how on earth did Jeff Glass manage to save the pass to Zetterberg? This feels like something that happens in a game that we frustratingly lose, but thankfully I’m just left kind of shaking my head instead of slamming it repeatedly in my laptop.

Next Game

Tuesday against Dallas.

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