Game 39 – Florida Panthers @ Detroit Red Wings – Outshot but Not Outmanned

One of those rare games where the Wings were out shot 2-1 for the whole game and yet never trailed.

Also, congratulations to Dylan Larkin for 200 games in the NHL tonight.

The Good

It’s Andreas Athanasiou’s world and we’re all just living in it (when Blashill lets him play). He had 2 goals in the game vs the Sens that I missed, and then opened tonight’s scoring less than a minute into the game. He also assisted on the Wings second goal tonight, gift wrapping it for Tomas Tatar. I swear, all I want is for this kid to be given the opportunity to develop into a star. AA-Larking-Mantha is all I want for the rest of my life as a Wings fan.

Jimmy Howard has been unbelievable in his last 5 games, and tonight he was particularly solid. First goal Florida scored was with less than 1 second left in the 2nd and was the 29th shot of the game for Florida! 29 SHOTS. The Wings led this game purely based on his play and a few lucky bounces in the other end, and this could have easily been a blowout.

We also managed to get a PP goal off a Frk bomb that deflected off Mantha which is extra impressive because our PP has been disappointing lately and Florida has a 90% PK which leads the league in the penalty kill. Frk’s shot was so hard it snapped Manta’s stick. That’s a 300 dollar shot right there!

Nyquist pretty much sealed this one with a breakaway feed from Zetterberg to give us a 2 goal lead, that was Zetterberg’s 600th career assist.

The Bad

I hate talking about games like this, where we spent most of it leading despite all the numbers saying that we sucked. Outshot massively most of the game. Dangerous plays in the defensive zone in the slot. Turnovers in the neutral zone and shots not getting through in the offensive zone.For most of it, it’s hard to pick out bad plays because we were leading and it just kind blurs as one big sloppy mess. but then it gets worst near the end of the second when Florida’s pressure pays off.

A lot of it seems like just poor defensive play. Like, man someone should have had that guy, right?

It’s a great move, to be sure. But why was Mike Green forced to chase him down anyways? Then early in the 3rd Huberdeau gets it to Barkov after Ericsson gets burned and then Daley can’t take away the pass. When you give up rushes like that the puck is going to go in.

The Wings first powerplay unit is so much more disappointing than the second one with all the exciting young kids. You know, the one that scores the fun goals and seems generally better? I’m pretty sure the stats back that up.

The WTF?

Hey look at that it’s the weirdest goal/no-goal I’e ever seen. First of all, I know you can’t bat a puck into the net with your hand but what happens when it hits the back of your glove and goes straight up and then into the net? I thought that’s what we spent an entire intermission reviewing but it turns out it was actually a high stick that they reviewed and called it no goal. For me, I can’t see definitive contact with the stick shaft at any point but I also assume that they had a better angle. Either one, that was a fun one to watch happen. I haven’t seen a pop up goal like that since they let that one in against Jonathan Quick that went of the netting.

Next Game

Sunday against the *sweats nervously* Tampa Bay Lightning. Yeah that’ll probably snap the winning streak

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