Game 34 – Detroit Red Wings @ Boston Bruins – Merry Christmas Eve Eve

I’m sick just in time for Christmas, but at least I have the Wings to watch on a lazy saturday.

The Good

Would you believe me if I told you that Tyler Bertuzzi looked like one of our best players this afternoon? He did. Good forecheck, smart play, and tons of hustle. I’m very happy with him as a replacement for Luke Glendening if he keeps this level of play up. The downside to this is that he did not manage to score a goal or anything, but if he continues to play well things will fall into place. Just, no more stumbles that almost give up a breakaway alright Bert?

Nielsen and Helm worked together to score a short handed goal which firmly puts the Red Wings in the lead for short handed goals in the NHL this season. I like that our PK is accomplishing things, it’s just funny that we can manage something difficult like scoring short handed but we can’t score a single goal at 3v3 this year.

The Bad

Well the ice quality looked like shit today and I’ve seen some bad ice in my day. Everyone was falling down. Frk lost an edge and I thought he accidentally concussed himself or something, but thankfully he returned later. The puck was bouncing like it was an inflatable castle. I’m going to use that as my excuse for why we could barely score tonight.

The first goal was a 5 on 3 which I just automatically assume will always be a goal, but the Bergeron goal was almost entirely do to a bad line change and a poor backcheck by Larkin. When your team is barely scoring, you can’t let up bad goals like that. Just a reminder that at a fundamental level this team just makes mistakes that lead to a goal almost every game. It’s not that we’re that much worse than other teams, it’s that we make mistakes like we are.

The WTF?

How the hell did Abby lose a tooth while wear a full face shield? That is insanely bad luck for the stick to (I assume) go through the holes to pop you in the mouth. I think I found who got Riley Sheahan’s bad luck. Of course, it could also be Nyquist, who had a trickled of a goal stolen by Zdeno Chara’s perfect stick work to jam the puck back under Tuukka Rask’s ass.

Next Game

Post Christmas against the Devils next wednesday. Enjoy your holidays everyone!

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