Game 32 – Detroit Red Wings @ New York Islanders – Top Corner(s)

50 minutes of this game was some kind of opposite world where you can let your goalie get hammered while barely doing anything offensive yourself and yet still keep a game really close. The last 10 minutes was a drubbing straight out of a Mighty Ducks movie.

The Good

Well holy shit the goals we got were damn pretty weren’t they. Mantha got his 13th of the season on a shot that is our WTF down below it was so tenacious and unlikely. Frk broke his goal drought as well with an assist from *checks sheet* Jonathan Ericsson?!

Oh my goodness Larkin is turning out as good as we hoped he would. It took a little bit but he is just a workhorse that goes through teams like a train. He’s a goddamn gnat buzzing around the ice constantly. Offense, defense, he’s in your face. He must be so annoying to play against. And then, late in the third, he lays out on the ice to make a pass to get Mike Green open who just BURIES it top corner.

Really good night to be a defenseman for a Red Wing again with Trevor Daley getting another one in back to back games off a feed from Zetterberg. Near the end of the third, this team really came alive. Mrazek held the door shut with a lot of shots allowed and hopefully boosted some trade value or made management more confident in him. Either way it’s a good win.

Also Selke nominated forward Luke Glendening got his 7th of the season tonight.

The Bad

Alright look I don’t really know how to talk about this game. Because, you spend most the game getting outshot 3-1, which means both the offense wasn’t doing great and the defense also wasn’t doing great. And you let in 3 goals, which isn’t stellar, but also not a dumpster fire, and you score 5 goals which is frankly astonishing when you only had like 8 shots when the third one went in. We kept the game close the whole time and never looked truly awful, but at the stats look like we should have gotten a drumming until that last burst in the 3rd. Maybe it’s just me but it doesn’t seem sustainable to trail in shots for the whole game before a couple lucky snipes. I don’t know, maybe this is Blashill’s mysterious process at work.

Sometimes I say crazy things.

Witkowski had a god awful pinch that reminded me again that he is a bad hockey player and has no place on this team I don’t want to hear the word grit in any conversation about that. AA still isn’t getting the ice time he deserves, poor guy. Maybe we could have had more shots on goal with him playing more.


How on earth did Anthony Mantha do this from behind the goal line?

This whole play had me inching farther and farther forward in my chair at each almost goal that happened. Red Wings hockey: you’ll pay for the whole seat but you’ll only need the edge. And poor Greiss, look at him there. Laying in the crease, watching as the puck bounces off him and in. That’s like watching your failure in slow motion. Poor guy.

Next Game

Tomorrow night against the Flyers. NBC broadcast, brace yourselves guys.

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