Game 31 – Toronto Maple Leafs @ Detroit Red Wings – Best Offense is Good Defense

Or, more specifically, the best offense is defensemen that score and your opponent starting their back up goalie.

The Good

Larkin basically has turned into this speedy tenacious juggernaut that seems to be everywhere on the forecheck and I LOVE IT. It’s amazing watching him hammer other teams again and again, shift after shift. Meanwhile, over the rest of the team, the two defenseman that I have thought have been the least impactful to the scoresheet (in a positive way, at least) notched their first goals of the season. Not just first goals, but a perfect snipe top corner followed by a short handed goal of all things.

This just felt like opposite world, and then to cap it off the PowerPlay was actually successful when it wasn’t the young kids out there but rather Z and Tatar. Zetterberg’s pass here cannot be discounted at how good it is.

Jimmy was solid but unremarkable in what I saw, and more than anything I’m glad the Leafs didn’t have Matthews or Andersen in tonight.

The Bad

I missed the first period, but honestly most of what I saw wasn’t bad. I heard it was a slow start, and I did see the replay of the Borgman goal which I didn’t love on the replay. When you get that much of it on the save you better actually save it. We also had to play good defense in the defensive zone because the Maple Leafs tore us apart in the faceoff circle. There were a couple bad penalties near the end of the game but Toronto didn’t capitalize so let’s not fuss over a rare win.


Man Athanasiou finally gets some ice time and this is the shit that happens.

A post and out happens. A post and crossbar and out happens. But a post to post and out is just heartbreaking to watch. It’s Issac Newton spitting at you from beyond the grave. Especially when he’s spent so much time stuck on the 4th line, and yet he just can’t quite get it to work.

I just want more Greeced Lightning, that’s all.

Next Game

Road trip starts Tuesday against the Islanders.

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