Game 30 – Boston Bruins @ Detroit Red Wings – Snowstorm Edition

Well it’s dumping snow outside and LCA looked deserted. I mean, it always looks deserted this season, but tonight it REALLY looked empty.

Also it was on NBC, so just in general the game was off to a shoddy start no matter what. Someone on NBC thinks are teams problems are on Howard, Pierre talked over the game to discuss a divot in the ice in front of him, Roenick bitched about a missed tripping call that happened once a game as if he was pulling for Boston. I miss Ken and Mick.

The Good

Well the first period was so boring I wasn’t sure I’d actually watched it no goals were scored in it, nor were they scored in the second so that’s pretty good.

Tatar opened the scoring however with an wonderful snipe on Rask thanks in part to an Abby screen and the other part on him being a wonderful hockey man.

(that fucking pun though NBC)

Let’s talk about the real offensive hero, Dylan Larkin, D-Boss, the snip show master. He’s looked so good lately that it just didn’t seem fair that he hadn’t potted one in awhile and what do you know. Darren Helm on the PowerPlay gives him a beautiful send and Larkin makes it look effortless.

Jimmy Howard was really good. There was nothing he could do on the goal that tied to the game, and he came up with several big saves during the game to keep the Wings in it. The Wings offense isn’t doing shit right now and yet the last two games have seemed close and it’s because he’s shutting the door once again. I think he could, even with the bad games lately, be the Wing’s MVP this season. It’s either him, or Larkin.

The Bad

Of course, when Howard gets no help he can’t make a save.

Here you can see, the original shot goes in, and everyone collapses on the crease to get a better look. Zetterberg doesn’t move his guy, and then AA has his back to the goal scorer, Kronwall and Green aren’t even in the play until it’s too late, no one looks like they’re paying attention at all. It’s one of those goals where everyone’s checklist appears to be “get near the puck” but then they don’t do anything past that. Frustrating.

And of course, what’s more Red Wings than giving up a late 3rd Period lead? Fucking up 3 on 3 OT that’s what!

That play was so bad. Don’t ice your fast players in 3 on 3. Have them fight each other for the puck. Fail to get back on defense in time to stop the first goal. Leave your goalie out to dry. Also it was Brad Marchand so extra heavy dose of GOD DAMNIT there. This team is so bad.

The offense has to find a way to score more goals.


How is it on the coldest snowiest day of the season so far the ice decides to be at it’s most shitty? There were at least two moments of the broadcast showing us things being patched up (including boring a new hole for the goalpost). Also players were dropping like flies out there. Looked like someone was shooting pucks at their feet for a joke to knock them down. I assume the Pistons and the recent glut of concerts is probably affecting the ice quality, which was exactly what I was worried about when the Pistons moved in there.

Next Game

Friday against the Maple Leafs. I expect Auston Matthews to be back and score like a ton of goals.

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