Game 29 – Florida Panthers @ Detroit Red Wings – D-Boss Bobblehead feat. Luke WitKAPOWski

This was a really boring game and yet somehow there were THREE fights and a dozen tiny scrums? How is that even possible?

The Good

We managed to keep the Panthers mostly off the board for a very long time, and honestly I gotta say since i don’t get to mention it often I’ll say here I thought the defense and forecheck were pretty damn competent tonight (in regulation at least). DeKeyser and Ericsson actually looked pretty good which is not something I ever expect to say so it’s just a nice change of pace. Don’t get used to it.

Zetterberg got the Wing’s only goal and man was it good to see him get one as his explosive start to the season really petered out over the last ~2 dozen games or so. It was his first in 22 games and what a beautiful bounce it was for the Wings to finally get.

Jimmy looked solid in net, solid enough to get a win at least, but he can only stop the goals not score them, and when you keep the other team to 1 goal in regulation you really gotta hope your offense does the rest of the work for you.

D-Boss bobblehead is amazing and I need to figure out how to get one.

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The Bad

Ahhhhh come on really this is what the game gets tied up on? Look at this.

It went out of Jimmy’s glove and into the net. And of course it was Trochek, because he’s the only player on the Panthers who magically turns into a puck bending wizard every time he enters the Metro Detroit area.

And of course, the Wings drop another game in OT after a great bit in the offensive zone with a breakaway that leads to three shots, DDK getting dragged out of position because his stick was between another players legs, and a Florida goal in a wide open net. Hard as hell to watch this team continue to completely fuck up the concept of defense in 3v3 OT but at least they got a point I guess.

It’s unfortunate as well that Reimer has become a much better goalie than I thought possible. I wonder how much of that is not playing behind the (previously) bad Toronto Maple Leafs?

The WTF?

This was one of three fights in the game, all of them stupid. Here’s why they were stupid.

  1. Witkowski vs Haley. Nothing serious at all happened to lead to this fight and both of these guys are literally ice only to fight. Most of the fighting was hugging. Was over quickly and didn’t even have a cause to make me care about who won or lost.
  2. Witkowski vs Haley REMATCH. Witkowskit threw a clean check and Haley saw it so that was enough for the gloves to drop. Haley kept punching with his bad hand. Still nothing for me to care about here. Tyler Bertuzzi watches his ice time sit in a penalty box while a sad trombone plays.
  3. Glendening vs Ekblad. Again, just a hit, nothing too scrappy here, but now the tone has been set by the two big dumbasses I mentioned above so now Ekblad with an extensive history of concussions decides to go fighting which means now I can’t enjoy this fight either because I have empathy and acknowledge a player might be getting their brain scrambled for no reason.

Here’s the problem. Coaches player fighters in case they need to fight someone. But since they’re fighters, they end up causing a fight because the other team thinks they need to play their fighters. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. Meanwhile players than might help win the game sit in the press box. Everyone looks stupid.

Next Game

Wednesday against Boston, an Atlantic team with more points than us in 4 less games.

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