Game 27 – Winnipeg Jets @ Detroit Red Wings – Red Wing Redemption

I did not see the game Saturday live. Truth be told I was out in Grand Rapids with some friends and I was getting drunk down the street from where the Griffins play hockey. I bring this up because I firmly believe that the Griffins would have put up a better effort in that game than the Red Wings did. I’ve not seen a fan backlash post game the likes of which we got on Saturday. Zetterberg claimed that it was the most embarrassing game in his entire career.

Tonight was the chance for the Red Wings to draw a line in the sand and show that they aren’t a broken team, that they understand that ultimately the loss and the past 7 losses have been on their shoulders and that they’re the ones who need to fix it.

Thankfully they did.

The Good

Well the Wings managed to keep the Jets at three shots through the first period and continued to pressure them early in the second in a remarkable turnaround from last game. Throughout most of the game the Wings looked like a much better team, with strong forecheck, physical play, and solid positioning. Most of the game.

Abdelkader got us on the board first with a cleanup on a Nyquist shot and then later on the powerplay Nyquist got himself another goal for two points on the night.

The third period had some crazy offense from the Red Wings. Ericsson scored on a goal that took about a half hour to review and proved once against that I still have no idea what goaltender interference is, and Darren Helm scored on a breakaway, which is always a magical sentence to get to type. Then AA got a rush that I thought he held too long but no, David Booth of all people picks up and rockets home the one timer to make it 5-1.

Jimmy did not face a crazy number of shots but he looked better tonight than he had in the previous few games. The saves he made were very good, and came at very big moments, and once again this team lives or dies based on how the back end manages to perform. Howard did enough to get them the win tonight.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Larkin and Glendening on the PK. Feels like we get an offensive chance on every single penalty kill we have to deal with because of their tenacious forecheck and Larkin’s speed. Really Larkin has been a revelation this season, minus his strange ability to take a penalty almost every game.

The Bad

Nyquist’s goal was on the powerplay but I gotta say I think they did a rather poor job capitalizing on the penalties that they managed to get out of the Jets. The second 5v3 didn’t lead to a goal at all and honestly when you have some of the offensive talent that the Wings do and you don’t score it’s a failure. Especially because I don’t think they played it well. They spent most of it standing still and waiting to give it to Frk which ultimately doesn’t work if you don’t also get a shot lane opening up. If you just dump it to the same person every time, then you aren’t really getting an advantage at all are you?

The momentum shift in the 2nd period was rough and this game got REAL chippy REAL fast. Which is fine, I love physical hockey, but man it really seemed like the Wings were on the receiving end of the hits more than not and I do not like when the game turns into headhunting. It’s dangerous and also causes you to play really really dumb hockey. Discipline is not something a team with positional play issues like the Wings have can lose in a game.


So APPARENTLY you can just get 2 minutes for doing you job now, I cannot believe that that was a minor for tripping on Jimmy Howard. Kulikov clearly steps on a stick and trips himself up coming in hard on the play. (To be honest I’m surprised he even managed to trip himself at all after blocking that Frk slapshot point blank in the first period). Then immediately after that Nielsen got smacked in the face with a stick with no call (he was bleeding after he got decked by Morrissey but I don’t know if it was from the high stick).  Momentum definitely went to the Jets for a few minutes after these plays and I don’t think I’m the only one was pissed that it was called that the sequence was even created all off that one shitty call.

Also right after all of this happened Morrissey sticks a knee out in a terrible dangerous hit on Nielsen that somehow only gets 2 minutes because the NHL really doesn’t actually want to stop dangerous plays from happening.

Next Game

Saturday against the Blues, nice and far away to ensure we get no possible momentum from this game.

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