Game 26 – Montreal Habs @ Detroit Red Wings – Another Lead Gone

I am fairly certain we have given up a lead in the past four games. It’s so exhausting. We don’t start on time and then manage to rally too little too late, or we start great and then slowly dribble away the lead through terrible play. At what point do we need to start evaluating a change to what we’re doing? Management has to be watching right? No one is happy with this, are they?

I don’t expect anything to change. We’ll just barely miss the playoffs and management will continue to think we’re doing things right. 5 year extension for Blashill. Ken Holland will still be serving as GM when I die.

The Good

Let’s be clear: the power play goal Tatar scored might be the best sequence of passing and shot that the whole team has made all season. I wept tears of joy after such a beautiful cycle. Light illuminated my tv from above as a choir of Red Wings greats sang in adoration.

Abby’s screen was actually crucial to this goal as you can see Price peering around him and taking himself out of position just enough.

Mantha scored again for his 12th of the season, he might hit 25 or even 30 if he keeps up (and on this team that’s quite an accomplishment). The first period was actually very strong with at least four 2 on 1s, several of which were short handed. Any other goalie and we get out of that period with a substantial lead. I will say I am pretty happy with our PK in general, even with us giving two up tonight. Adding Larkin has energized us with a lot of speed and we seem much more aggressive in general. Way less sitting around while the other team cycles for a minute before they get a snipe open.

Man these sections are getting short.

The Bad

Well our defense continues to get worse and worse as these games go. The 2nd Montreal goal looked fucking awful as I think everyone on the team is basically not doing their jobs. Ouellet lets them walk in and them somehow everyone has their back to the Habs without actually playing the puck in any way hooray.

All 6 of our defenseman look interchangeably bad at this point, and Howard has lost that insane spark that he was playing with. Zetterberg has looked bad (say it ain’t so) and had a lazy penalty that is so unZetterberg that I think something must of happened to him. WHO HURT YOU Z? Every. Single. Game. The story is the same. Can’t finish. Can’t start. Outworked on the boards. Outworked in hustles to the puck. Bad positioning. Chasing the puck. And I don’t know how long you sit and watch it. Is a 6 game loosing streak bad enough? Does it need to get to 10? I have no answers other than that the team needs to get better, in almost every way.


Ericsson scored an own goal to make it 6-2 and I’ve eaten a half a bottle of Tums.

Next Game

Saturday against the Habs again.

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