Game 25 – LA Kings @ Detroit Red Wings – Gotta be Quicker

A promising start that was slowly drained away, like a plastic party cup full of your favorite drink with a tiny hole in the bottom. You get to enjoy a few sips to start before it spills all over your pants and it looks like you pissed yourself in front of everyone.

The Good

Mike “Trade Value” Green scores his second of the season on a blisteringly good short side shot off a great backhand pass by Frans Nielsen.

This goal gave me a lot of hope, as did the minutes that followed. The Red Wings had some great chances against Jonathan Quick, including a great short handed look by Dylan Larkin. I really think that moving Larkin to some PK time over players like Miller has really helped the team. Speed, speed, speed, is the name of the game right now and our young players speed is really helping our team right now. Honestly I thought we were having a great game at the beginning and that it was only a matter of time until the floodgates opened for the Wings.

Sadly that was not the case and the game turned into a bit of a cluster fuck.

The Bad

Whatever happened to that good Powerplay is gone and we’re back to this terrible 1 minute pass the puck around until it gets poke checked out of the zone without a single shot. Unacceptable. Marty Frk please come back you are the hero these special teams need.

After a decent stretch in the beginning, the Wings just started chasing. They fell behind and were stuck running around the whole game. Look at this goal by Kempe. He is wide open for that Joe Louis back board assist.

These plays were all over the place. People going all over the place trying to get the puck like it’s beer league and eventually you are leaving someone wide open. You have an assignment. Do it. Cover your man and play the body and the puck properly. This is the NHL and you cannot let yourself get psyched out to the point that you’re playing magnet puck like a bunch of 8 year olds. It was super frustrating to watch and the longer the game went on the worse I felt.

Also, the Kings were getting away with absolute murder out there. I hate to be the guy bitching about the refs but come on. AA got mugged at one point and shoved into the boards in a bear hug well after he no longer had the puck. Mantha took a chop hard enough to fell a red wood tree. Meanwhile Abby actively trips himself in an attempt not to interfere with someone and gets a penalty called on himself for his trouble. Fix your shit NHL.

The WTF?

Quick did shit like this at least 4 times in the first period.

That’s unbelievable. I remember when we used to talk about Quick like a top 3 goalie in the league, and I thought those days were over. But he shut me up tonight with his play. He’s got to be the first star of the game because these high quality shots do a couple things. It both motivates the other team to hustle more and get shit done for your goalie who bails you out, and it gets in the other teams head. Larkin was pissed on the bench, smashing sticks and what not. It gets in your head. And slowly the Wings energy just dribbled out until LA had them fatigued enough to return fire and hammer them for 4 unanswered goals.

Still, man. Those saves. What the fuck.

Next Game

Thursday against the Habs. Expect Carey Price to play and put up a 1.100 save percentage.

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