Game 23 – Detroit Red Wings @ New York Rangers – Goalie Duel

All I could focus on in this game was the stellar play of both goalies, Jimmy Howard and Henrik Lundqvist. I swear Zac must be literally screaming at home with this many great saves happening.

The Good 

Obviously, Jimmy Howard. I mean both goalies were so unbelievable I’m still shaking my head. There were multiple shifts by both teams that looked as tilted as a PP shift and they were even strength. The Wings ended the first period with double the shots of the Rangers and then the Rangers had one hell of a sequence where it seemed like they had a solid 10 shots. Plus this happened.

Seriously what did Howard do? Because I got to figure out and do it at all my local hockey rinks. I’d kill for that kind of puck luck. Just nice to see the Wings get it for once.

How can we not talk about the absolute laser of a snipe on the PP by Tatar that gave us a 1-0 lead?

Henrik Zetterberg also tied Pavel Datsyuk (miss you) in all time Red Wings points with an assist on that goal. Which came on the Powerplay. Remember last year when we were one of the worst PPs we’d ever seen? Apparently we’re now 6th in the league, which is astonishing. I think that’s a real part of why this team is doing better than we thought they would, the PP is really clicking this season. Just wait until Frk gets back.

The Bad

I mean we gave up some bad chances there. The Rangers had just as dangerous shifts as we did. It’s unfortunate but whenever your goalie has a truly standout game by it’s very nature means that he needed to make some big saves. And honestly, it’s to be expected, especially after losing Daley to an injury early in the game.

Let’s talk about Daley. First, ow that was an awkward collision and I hope he’s alright. Second, he’s been kind of disappointing for a FA signing right? I mean, I think he’s defensive play has been adequate (not sure it’s much better than Hicketts or someone could do) but the 1 point in 22 games is something that really stands out to me. I remember hearing a lot about how he likes to pinch and is more of an offensive defenseman so I would really appreciate it if he could do a little more on the score sheet. Of course, if he’s injured then that’s not good.

Larkin took a penalty for goaltender interference after Brendan Smith–remember him–checks him into Lundqvist. That was a terrible call and I’m mildly salty about it. I’d be saltier but I’ve been really enjoying the holidays and the alcohol has kind of mellowed me out at this point. Also they didn’t score on it.

The WTF?

How do you play such a great game and then shit the bed that hard in OT?

Larkin completely over committed to leave Zucarello totally alone and of course and NHL player is going to score with time alone that close in front of the goalie. DDK also was all up on Skjei and somehow didn’t stop him from doing anything? I don’t know, people are putting all the blame on Larkin but I think DDK should have done something more to stop that pass from getting off. And before that play even happened Mike Green took a tour of the offensive zone almost two whole times that lead to exactly nothing.

Frustrating as hell end to a much better game than that goal would depict. Glad we got a point.

Next Game 

Tomorrow against the…wait I can’t be reading this right…the red hot New Jersey Devils? 2017 sure is backwards you guys.

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