Game 22 – Edmonton Oilers @ Detroit Red Wings – Give Thanks That Its Over

Tonight, on Thanksgiving Eve, I am reminded how thankful I am for so many things. My readers, my friends, this great sport, my health, Anthony Mantha and Dylan Larkin. You know, the basics.

I was also thankful this game ended because it was rough.

The Good

We started kind of good. Tatar had a really nice goal after a failed clear, and we do seem to have a problem scoring first so I’m thrilled that we managed that.

And Kronwall managed to bank a shot in off the Nuge for his second goal in two games.

That…that was just about it. Not too much else to be excited for tonight.

The Bad

I can sum it up mostly with the Pat Maroon goal.

Remember this?

Yeah we decided to emulate the Oilers from a couple seasons ago (the before McJesus seasons) on that goal. In general, we just looked slightly off tonight. None of the kids stood out, in fact I think Andreas Athanasiou had one of his worse games. He looked very sloppy in the offensive zone in particular, enough that it stood out in a negative way. Howard was due for a bad game but why would he have a good game behind a defense playing like this. He got yanked after 4 goals and Mrazek let in 2 more besides. It wasn’t good.

Look with the defensive core we have you can expect some bad games here and there. Jensen made some mistakes tonight, so did DDK (who hasn’t really improved the team since he came back). Ericsson of course had a few bad giveaways that he seems to get every game. But the biggest issue was that the team sort of crumpled after the Oilers got that 3rd goal and never seemed to come back. They looked off for the rest of the game and barely managed to muster any good scoring chances while the Oilers piled them on.

Also, how often can we drop games to teams on the back to back. Those are supposed to be the easy games! You need 2 points out of that if you want to make the playoffs, and I think we’ve lost 3 of them so far this season. Pounce on those wounded teams. Be the wolf, not the Corgi.

The WTF?

McDavid is stupid good.

I have trouble putting into words just how good this kid is. At the age of 20 he is basically single handedly responsible for the majority of the offense for an NHL team. I can barely do my taxes and this guy is performing super human feats of athleticism like a greek myth

Next Game

Friday against the Rangers. Hopefully we’ll all be awake from our turkey coma by then.

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