Game 21 – Colorado Avalanche @ Detroit Red Wings – An Avalanche of Shots

Well Colorado certainly isn’t as bad as they were last year (that’s reserved for Arizona). That was one of the most high pressure butt clenching empty netters I’ve ever seen before they finally managed to tie it with less than a minute. They were hammering Jimmy Howard so hard. 35 shots in the the first 3 periods alone and I bet at least 5 of those were on that last rush right there. Hard to watch.

Harder to watch was the lines that Blashill iced in the OT that we lost.

The Good

No one gives Jimmy Howard the credit he deserves. I follow a lot of NHL twitter people (I think that’s the official job title) and they are not talking about Jimmy. A .931 and a 2.23 I think coming into this game and pretty much the only reason the Wings are anywhere near being an above average team. He got absolutely shelled in this game and by the end of it the team was leaving him out to dry. So props to him for being the Wings MVP this season since no one else is giving it to him.

AA scored on the breakaway with the same shot he does almost every time, and it works almost every time. It really just looks like the physics of it is almost impossible to save this unless you have really really long legs.

Larkin continues to be probably the most dynamic Wings forward by causing the first goal off with a shot that was deflected by a pile of 4.25 million dollars wearing a Red Wings jersey.

Kronwall scored his first of the season too, on the Powerplay. So tonight at least I won’t bitch about him being on the special teams. I just wish he could do this consistently.

The Bad

Our defense was Bad with a capital B. You can’t give up 37 shots in a game against a team like Colorado. This is a team you should have no problem shutting down. But of course, we do. Daley looked AWFUL tonight. What was he doing on the Yakupov goal (who, by the way, honestly good for him for revitalizing his career in Colorado right now)?

Bonus points for Ericsson causing a high sticking penalty on this play to begin with. It’s fine though. The Red Wings defense being bad isn’t news. That happens a lot honestly.

What is news is that somehow, Blashill thought that the most important players to be playing the 3v3 OT was Nielsen and Helm. Look, I love those guys and I’m really happy they’ve played so well this season but that is a shutdown line that is playing above average. You should not be playing them over Anthony Mantha or Dylan Larkin (who at least got a look). What about Andreas Athanasiou? You know, the guy who’s speed allowed him to get a breakaway goal earlier tonight even? Nope, let’s put Darren Helm out there.

Speaking of Helm, you gotta know when you shoot the puck that hard it’s going to ring around the boards, right? You gotta hit the fucking net if you’re going to take a shot like that.

The WTF?

This was the closest to actual screaming I’ve done in awhile. Basically I was just Michael Scott in that one scene of The Office when Toby comes back. I think it says something that we managed to stop a goal here but then we couldn’t manage to clear the zone in the last 30 seconds of the game. God damn it.

Next Game

Wednesday against the Edmonton McDavids.

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