Game 16 – Detroit Red Wings @ Vancouver Canucks – Wings Redeemed

I’ll be honest it’s a nice change of pace to have Vancouver be a good team instead of garbage.

Tonight’s game was all about momentum. The Wings had it and stepped on the gas, but once the Canucks grabbed it there wasn’t much we could do to stop them from tying it.

Honestly this was a really entertaining hockey game. Both teams played well, and it was one worth staying up for.

The Good 

I would like to apologize for complaining about the Helm – Nielsen – Abby line starting the game off tonight, as they almost immediately made me look like an idiot by scoring.

Good forecheck boys. Not sure how none of the Canucks in the area made any sort of contact but I am glad of it. Darren Helm in particular has really impressed me this season with his forecheck and play in the offensive zone. It’s like he found a time machine and made himself 5 years younger. But hey, you can buy a lot with 3.85 million dollars a year.

The start of the 3rd Period was the best 5ish minutes of forechecking hockey I’ve seen from the Wings this season. The game was fast and intense, battling in every corner, amazing hustle. It was a complete 180 from the last game against Vancouver. It’s mostly due to bad luck and good play by Markstrom that the Wings didn’t get a couple more goals during that time. Even after the two goals got scored, they continued to have a strong forecheck that sets up a fantastic goal from Tatar for his 200th career point.

Everyone was involved in that goal: Larkin for the faceoff win to Tatar who loses it but Larkin keeps it in, smart back play by Abby, great shot by Tatar. Amazing. What a goal to seal the redemption.

Also AA did this and it looks almost exactly like a well known Datsyuk clip.

Now compare:

Oh my god if he turns out to be even a quarter as good as Pavel Datsyuk.

The Bad

Ahhhhhhhh Larkin please do not make this a habit. You had an amazing game against Edmonton and then this giveaway was so bad I originally thought Ericsson did it.

This is equal parts bad for such an awful breakaway rush as well as what a save by Howard. This team is going to be saved from a lottery battle by good goaltending. While I would love Rasmus Dahlin as much as the next guy I would prefer we just have a good team, and Howard is making us a good team. That said, we gave up like 3 odd man rushes in the second period and Howard can only be perfect for so long.

Which we learned later on with this goal by Daniel Sedin

When it’s a quick tuck like that it just feels like not the kind of goal you want to give up. It doesn’t help that most of the Wings defense was collapsing in the slot on Thomas Vanek (remember him?). And Howard still got a piece of that. What he couldn’t get a piece of was the following goal that tied the game

And I don’t know how he would get a piece of a goal since he can’t see much more than the stitching on Daley’s jersey. STOP SCREENING OUR OWN GOALIE

Kronwall looks terrible in the offensive zone this year. I mean, he doesn’t look amazing in the defensive zone either, but his passes at the point are all over the place and just choke the life out of plays for a few seconds until we can recover. I’d really prefer anyone else but him play on the PowerPlay. Then again, since we’re dreaming, let’s just replace him with Joe Hicketts and be done with it.


Hah yesterday we had a question on what would happen if two players sticks happened to hit the puck in at the same time, now tonight we get a new question: Who should get the goal if you make the other team score on themselves?


Frk’s shot comes in and Mantha smashes Tanev’s stick into the puck sending it into the net. Now, Frk was the last Red Wing to touch the puck so he’s got goals in back to back games now (and 5 on the season). However, the goal doesn’t get scored without Mantha making Tanev pull a Patrick Laine on that puck and smash it into his own net.

Next Game

Thursday against the Flames, 9pm. Adjust your sleep schedules accordingly.

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