Game 15 – Detroit Red Wings @ Edmonton Oilers – Lazy Sunday Shutout

For one I don’t mean it was a lazy effort by the Red Wings, but rather the Oilers. The entire time, though outshooting the Wings for a large part of the night, it never really seemed like the Oilers were very dangerous.

And that’s a team that has Connor McDavid on it.

The Good

Well the offense was firing on all cylinders, that’s for sure.

Frans Nielsen has been awful at faceoffs and somehow much more disappointing this year, but he does have 5 goals on the season and tonight was his 700th career game.

That puck was in an entirely different area code as the net and he still managed to deflect it top shelf past Talbot.

Martin Frk had a hell of a game with a patented Frk’n hard shot for his 4th goal of the season as well as a set up on Mantha’s still team leading 7th goal of the season.

Frk’s shot is possibly one of the best I’ve ever seen, just because of how effortless he makes it look. In that goal he comes in at speed, pivots, loads the shot and then rips it in the span of just a few seconds. A lot of players could take a shot from there, but I can’t think of many that could get that level of power on it from there.

Mantha is what I point to when people get upset at my complaining about Abby standing in front of the net. Some players actually do something in front of the net, like Mantha, while also bringing a lot more to the table. He’s better than Abby in almost every way at this point in his career and he’s still improving his game. So next time you say something about net front presence please be referring to Mantha and not Abby. It’s like how teams don’t ice a pure enforcer anymore. There’s no room for one dimensional players.

Mrazek finally given a start and he was excellent. I gotta give him a lot of credit in how he has handled this whole situation as being the back up again and having all those hit pieces put out on him. He’s focused on his game and accepted his role, and tonight was rewarded with a fantastic 36 save shutout. I really liked his play, he looked sharp.

The Bad

Nyquist had a knee on stick/knee collision with Eric Gryba and left the game, not to return with a lower body injury. With the goal he scored earlier in the game he was at five on the season already, a much better start than last season, so it would really suck to lose him right as he was getting warmed up. Also, there’s no one particularly ready to get called up to replace him. Bert just came back from injury, Svech is healthy scratched in a rough patch right now, and Rasmussen has missed a few games who knows why. Maybe the Wings will be seeing what recent trade acquisition Matt Puempel can do.

The WTF?

This goal was credited to Nyquist, but it’s really hard to tell who’s stick made the last impact with the puck between Nyquist and Abdelkader.

Which got me thinking, is there a rule for two people hitting the puck at the same time and it being a goal? Like, who gets the goal? I mean it’s impossible, no one could exactly hit the puck at the exact same time down to the tenth of a second, but if they did…would each get a goal? Or maybe a half a goal? Or do they rock paper scissors for it?

This are the important questions people.

Next Game

Tomorrow at 10 against the Canucks, second part of a back to back. Hopefully this is good momentum for us.

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