Game 14 – Detroit Red Wings @ Ottawa Senators – Snoozin’ for a Brusin’

We just had a team meeting about playing lazy hockey, and by we I mean my beer league team. One 6-4 loss and guys are already taking a look in the mirror and getting pissed with themselves for playing bad.

So WHY do the Red Wings keep playing such bad, boring hockey?

The Good

Thank Christ Mantha scored otherwise this section would have been basically empty.

Fantastic shot by Green and an even better hand eye from Mantha to tip in a shot that had already been deflected once. Mantha now has six goals this year, increasing his team lead, and also Green continues to boost his trade value as a great offensive defenseman.

That…that was pretty much it. Howard put together another excellent showing between the pipes with 28 saves on 30 shots but honestly he’s been so good that it’d be more appropriate to only bring it up when he has not been sensational.

The Bad

The Wings simply got outplayed tonight, with Ottawa carving a path through the neutral zone and defensively leaving our attempts in the offensive zone mostly ineffective. In general we looked like we were trying to force things too much, too many moves in the zone, bad passes, struggling to pick up any sort of continued pressure on Anderson.

Andreas Athanasiou unfortunately allowed a goal by his bad PK positioning. He plays his stick as far out of the lane as possible, allowing an easy pass that directly causes a goal.

It’s a frustrating play, and this is one of those things that people mean when they say that AA has some defensive gaps. But he’s young and I think he’ll learn in time.

The WTF?

Dylan Larkin had a wide open path to the net on the breakaway and while trying to corral the puck it took the strangest bounce that caused it to literally hop completely over his stick blade. I actually groaned out loud. The ice looked questionable by the way the puck was bouncing all over the place, but that one bounce was the exact antithesis of puck luck.

That about sums up the rest of the game too.

Next Game

Sunday against the Oilers, who simultaneously have the best player in the world and are also a dumpster fire worse than the Wings

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