Game 13 – Arizona Coyotes @ Detroit Red Wings – Happy Hallowin

Let us all take a moment on this scariest of days to think of something truly scary: the idea of being an Arizona Coyotes ran so far this season. Woof.

Not that we couldn’t get much more than a 5-3 win out of playing them.

The Good

The kid line played great tonight, since Blashill actually let them play together. Larkin’s goal and assist puts him up to the team lead in points at 12, Mantha took the team lead for goals with his 5th, and Athanasiou got a point in back to back games. Larkin has improved so much as a center, just from a possession game standpoint. It’s amazing what you can get when you put three young, fast, skilled players together on a line. Just look at these goals.


Nyquist is also continuing to play really well in this streak of games. He got us on the board right proper quick with a shot that was so high in the slot that I am honestly surprised it managed to find it’s way past Wedgewood like it did. But you know, I don’t really care if it only got by because it was blessed by a hockey god or something, I’m just glad to have an early lead.

Jimmy Howard played great again. I’ll just copy+paste this chunk into every good section until that stops being true.

The Bad

Take it with a grain of salt because I only saw the highlights of the first half of the game but honestly this game was way too close when you consider we were playing a team that just barely managed to get their first win last night. In Overtime.

That goal sucks. Howard makes a great save and then the next thing you know three Red Wings watch as the puck goes in. It’s frustrating as all hell when you see the puck go into the net because our players are still computing what they should do next. I don’t think they’re actually watching the game because they don’t care, but it really does look lazy more often than not how many players are standing around while we get scored it. That fact that a game like this got as close as 4-3 really makes me nervous for the rest of the season. I don’t think we’ll be as bad as Arizona, but we really need to pick it up or we’ll be damn close.

The WTF?

Arizona traded for Scott Wedgewood because they “needed someone who can stop the puck” but then, like twoish minutes into the game he lets Glendening score a wrist shot like this?

I’ve had a few cocktails tonight (it’s a holiday) so I can’t remember for sure but haven’t I already called out a Glendening snipe here as a what the fuck moment for me? I gotta ask…is Luke Glendening actually getting better? Like, a lot better? I’ve been perfectly happy with his play this season so hey, maybe we’re looking at a new and improved LGD

Next Game

Thursday against Ottawa. Erik Karlsson recently put up a Senators all time worst +/- of -6, which is a stat I will be using for hope even though it’s complete bullshit.

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