Wheelhouse Mailbag – AA and Pizza Edition – 10/29/17

AA is back with the Wings. Photo credit WXYZ.com

Well we’re almost at the end of the first month of the season, time for another edition of Wheelhouse Mailbag.

First question comes from fellow some time contributor Zac who asked me over a cup of coffee if Andreas Athanasiou coming back was going to fix the slump the Red Wings are in. I answered him there but thought I would go ahead and put my thoughts out here for those of you who are interested.

Andreas Athanasiou will not fix this team.

Before you get your torches and pitchforks let me explain: he will definitely help this team. A speedy forward with great hands and offensive instincts, obviously that is going to make your team better. But the issues with the Detroit Red Wings right now is firmly rooted in two things to me. The blue line and coaching strategies. AA doesn’t help anything on the blue line, and in fact he does have a few holes in his defensive game that he’ll need to fix there as well. And as much as he brings to this table, right now I think our main problem is that Blashill is not utilizing the tools he is being given. The lines he fields don’t make a lot of sense sometimes and when he does put good lines together he utilizes them in weird ways, like having Kronwall over Green or Daley quarterback the powerplay.

So no, AA won’t fix the Wings, but he will make is better and more fun to watch if coaching lets him.

Oh hell yes. Pineapple is a top 10 fruit, so why wouldn’t that be good on Pizza? I’m well aware of the hatred and expect to lose half of my meager collection of followers but I don’t care. This is a hill I’ll die on. Look plain pizza is basically a waste of potential so you might as well decorate that shit with as much deliciousness as you can. Load that shit up with pineapple and pulled pork and bbq sauce. It’s like a Hawaiian luau in your mouth without the plan ticket or trying to figure out where to buy a suckling pig.

Thanks again for the questions. We’ll catch you next time, and remember our DMs are always open.

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