Game 10 – Detroit Red Wings @ Buffalo Sabres – Still asleep

Well it wasn’t as bad as Vancouver.

The Good

Jimmy Howard was the only good part of this game. He looked sharp and made 31 saves on 32 shots. Just fantastic. Even the one goal that got scored he looked really good on, almost getting over in time to stop it. Whatever happened in the game against Toronto Howard shook it off and is back to putting up great numbers and clawing tooth and nail to keep this team in it.

32 shots for the Wings sounds good but I can’t think of a single good shot, or good play, or good anything from our forwards to talk about. I mean there was more hustle, they actually looked like they cared a little bit, so compared to last game that’s amazing.

The Bad

This is the weakest shit

Jensen and Ouellet look terrible here. Both watching the play, but Ouellet is seconds behind and can’t help Howard, while Jensen just stops skating. It’s not even like honestly our defense was complete garbage tonight but you make a mistake like this it burns you and then you’re playing down. And it still didn’t even spark the effort I wanted from this team.

Frk is starting to look kind of ineffective out there, and I worry about that. Whatever spark he gave our powerplay is gone. I don’t know if it’s the line juggling, or the fact that we can’t seem to get anything going into the zone for him to even setup, no idea. The point is that he isn’t looking good, and that’s bad.

Finally, terrifying stat:


The WTF?

Larkin took three penalties. Zetterberg took one. All of them were soft ticky tack things we saw all game. And yet only 4 were called on Detroit and 2 on Buffalo. The officiating in this game and the NHL is exactly where I feared it was. First it started with super heavy handed calls across both teams, and then it’s slowly tapered off. Now it’s just a toss up if anything gets called and the rest of us have to just scream and pull our hair out because we have no idea how any fucking game is going to go.

It’s only game 10. I need an aspirin.

Next Game

Thursdays against the Tampa Bay Lightning AGAIN. I’ll make sure to have a salad for lunch because I expect to be extra salty that night

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