Game 9 – Canucks @ Red Wings – Naptime

I sped the whole way home from coaching my beer league game, for this?


The Good

There was only one good thing that happened during the game.

Mantha crushes that shot top corner. Beautiful. Shut up about his work ethic. He works hard every game and is producing at a great rate. You can bitch about him when he’s not putting points up or directly causing goals against. Right now he’s not doing either of those things, unlike some people on the team.

That was it. Nothing else good happened.

The Bad

Let’s take a step back here. Let’s ignore the turnovers, or the odd man rushes, the poor positional play, the general lack of chances in the offensive zone. Let’s put all that together, pack it up, and put it up on the shelf.

This team did not hustle, they did not work, they did not show up. There was nothing there. Maybe trading Riley Sheahan just destroyed the team’s spirit. I don’t know. Someone else dress up as Tinky Winky for Halloween and see if that fixes it. I actually wanted to fall asleep. The work effort put into the game here was awful. What was Howard to do? He’s being tasked with stopping impossible rushes because we can’t keep the puck in at the lines. 19 turnovers. NINE. TEEN. It was shameful, and it was boring. There is no reason for people to simply not show up. They weren’t even on the back to back, for christ’s sake.

2 points left on the table. An incredibly winnable game, pissed away.

The WTF?

Does anyone have faith in Jeff Blashill anymore? Let’s go to the polls from Brad Krysko of the Winged Wheel Podcast (check it out if you haven’t it’s great).

Hey look I agree with that. “I have none”.

The second period was an incredibly lopsided and bad period of play. Worst period of the season. The outcome I expect from that is a fired up 3rd Period from a coach smashing shit in the locker room. Let them know that it’s unacceptable. Let them know that you expect better. Nothing changed. Team came out with the same lackluster work ethic and Blashill came out with the same confused look on his face.

I have lost all confidence that he has that room. Unless something major changes, I am done support Jeff Blashill as an NHL coach in Detroit.

Next Game

Tuesday against the Sabres. I’d say we should be them but we should have beat the Canucks and that didn’t happen now did it?

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