Game 8 – Washington @ Detroit – A Vision of St. Petr

Little early Spookyday present for us: Andreas Athanasiou is signed to a one year deal for $1.378 million. The downside of this is we only have like $20k in cap space, and that means something has got to give for him to come back to the team. I would bet money on the solution being resolved with either A) Old guys on LTIR voodoo wizardry or B) a trade to free up some cap space. The rumor mill in the offseason was Sheahan to somewhere, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen. But for now, enjoy the one more season of AA that we get to see.

For those of you on twitter, which I assume is most of you, then I would like to recommend you follow @wings_gifs on twitter. It’s run by /u/bmac39 who posts the streamables I link to in these pieces, and I recommend wholeheartedly that we follow him and help him out.

The Good

Mrazek is back baby! I’m not mad at him for either goal, which will get covered in the Bad section, and he faced a high percentage of good shots as you’d expect when playing Ovechkin. Ovechkin had over 10 shot attempts in the game and you know he’s extra hot right now because he’s pissed about the olympic situation, and he still got stopped until OT when he had to dive just to get himself a goal (I’m not salty). I swear for a good portion of the 2nd he was just Happy Gilmore in the batting cage grunting uncontrollably as the Caps pelted his shoulders and helmet. I will be surprised if he’s not at least two different shades of bruised tomorrow.

But you can’t do it all with goaltending, can you? No sometimes you gotta deflect pucks top corner from out by the boards because who wants to score an easy goal.

Tatar and Helm were both on fire tonight, but clearly Tatar getting his first of the season got him pumped up because here he is scoring again later on to give Detroit a 3-2 lead. If I tell you his ridiculous shot was set up by a ridiculous pass who do you think I would be talking about?


That ping will never stop being the greatest sound in sports. Overall I thought this was a really good game. We got a point out of a tough team and for the majority of the game I thought we played very tight and controlled hockey. It was just a couple of screw ups by us and the refs that really sunk the Wings tonight.

The Bad

Can we not screen our own goalie?


Like come on, that’s the first thing Zac asked me not to do when he started playing goalie. Don’t park my butt right in his face. And yet against Toronto, and then again tonight, I’ve seen a goal in back to back games go in where there’s no way the Wings goalie can see it. Forget the garbage amounts of traffic they are already in there’s no way they can possibly see through the giant red ass directly in front. And I’m not specifically mad at Kronwall here, more any defenseman that does it. Let them see the puck and make the save.

The other goal I didn’t like came shorthanded for Washington and honestly I don’t really blame anyone for it. I’m more mad at the gods of fate for cursing the Red Wings that shit bounces like this seem to happen every single game.

Come on. Mike Green couldn’t have done that any better unless he could literally move the puck with his mind.

Refs called some bad crap here. The interference or holding on Frk was awful, the delay of game on Larkin was questionable, and they completely missed the puck going up into the netting during Washington’s ensuing powerplay. A powerplay that they scored on to tie the game. And then a terrible Ovechkin dive in OT, that eventually led to the Caps victory.

The WTF?

Did Darren Helm seriously snipe Braden Holtby of all goalies while shorthanded to open the scoring?


That’s just not fair. And it’s also so unexpected. I know it’s not fair, and it feels hurtful since he’s my favorite active Red Wing, but you have to admit Helm has a reputation for not finishing the chance. I’d love to know the exact stats on his conversion of breakaway attempts. But that’s what makes this so unexpected. It’s like when you’re playing NHL on xbox with your buddy and you turn all the handicaps on for yourself, and then he still snipes you. Short handed even!

Way to go Helmer, giving me the first WTF this season that doesn’t make me physically angry.

Although missing that Empty Netter than would have put the game away does make me a little frustrated.

Next Game

Sunday at 7 against the Canucks. If that’s not a winnable game than none of them.

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