Game 7 – Detroit @ Toronto – Not Having Fun

Normally I start these during the game so they can be up quickly but I really couldn’t bring myself to start this one until midway through the second when things didn’t seem quite so dystopian. God damn it do I have a headache right now. Let’s just do this shall we.

The Good

Zetterberg literally out on the ice pulling video game crap.

That’s not even fair. I actually felt bad for Toronto, if only for the two minutes before they turned it from 2-1 to 4-1. He’s brilliant, and an ageless wonder, and no one in the league will ever respect him the way he deserves.

Tomas Tatar scores his 100th goal and gets on the board for the season, hopefully the first of many.

The nice thing, once again Larkin is quietly putting together a very strong season. He’s not doing quite as much highlight reel level play but his zone entries, his speed, his playmaking sense, and his leadership have been fantastic. Larkin is future captain material, and much of the future of the Red Wings rests on his shoulders. In the very least, he is destroying that “sophomore slump” he had last year.

Mrazek I thought looked better after the first period, probably best he’s looked in awhile against a very good offensive team. He stopped a near mirror image of Z’s wraparound on Marleau, He’s still a bit wild looking out there, but it was some small flashes of the crazy athletic relflex machine he was when he first came onto the scene.

The Bad


I wish this wasn’t the first time this season I’ve been upset about a first period but this one made the first period against Arizona look like a work of art. We ended the first period down 4-1 with only 5 shots. For those of you that hate numbers I’ll crunch them for you, we had a .200sv% at the end of the first period, across two goalies. Literally only one save. How did that get started?

MY BEER LEAGUE TEAM HOPS OVER THE BOARDS WITH MORE HUSTLE THAN YOU GUYS. Also fantastic props to the ref there for subtle interference. I wish this game was on NBC because they would have thrown a tantrum about so much subtle interference. Howard really should have had that one. Colossal fuck up by the whole team.

But wait there’s more. Call now and you’ll get an official deflection and a bonus screen for your trouble!

Now I’m reliving it. The first period was an fast, young, skilled team opening a can of whoop ass on innocent goalie(s) and nothing really looked like it was clicking. I don’t think anyone was happy with any of the play, with the exception of Zetterberg’s goal, and if we someone play a worst period than this in the entire season I’ll eat a leather boot. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

The WTF?

What even if goaltender interference anymore? Do you know? Do NHL referees and coaches now? As I mentioned earlier, Ericsson scored but it was initially ruled goaltender interference because…why?

Does anyone see any interference? Because I didn’t. So that was a dumb challenge that we had to sit through. Then not too long after Reilly scores on us and Blashill calls for interference. And this was the one that got me.

So immediately after a goal gets awarded because there is no interference Blash decides to waste the timeout in order review something that looks exactly the same? What could anyone have seen on any replay that lead them to believe that that was interference? I don’t know. This is some illuminati garbage. The point is I don’t like my team losing timeouts and my time being wasted on dumb challenges because even million dollar salary coaches don’t know what the hell interference is.

Next Game

Friday at home against Washington. Because what we need is to face another crazy good offensive team.

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