Game 4 – Detroit @ Arizona – Raanting about falling Domingues

No one liked the Janmark joke. This one is somehow worse.


The Good

This player has a shot that makes the puck invisible on tv and is miraculously a point per game player in the NHL right now.


Larkin had another primary assist on Henrik Zetterberg’s second of the season. It was lucky Domingue made such a weak play on the puck to let it slip through, but there was great heads up on Larkin to come off the bench and get into the play. There was a lot of concern after his sophomore slump last year but I think he has looked a lot better this season. He’s not scoring like the beginning of his rookie system, but he’s replacing that with solid playmaking that compliments players like Anthony Mantha well.

Or maybe someone like Luke Glendening?

Larkin’s playmaking was good enough to allow Luke Glendening to score on his forehand, which is twice as hard as getting him to score on his backhand. Nielsen’s first goal on the season in the empty net sealed the deal a minute or so later.

Nick Jensen has looked good, even when he was getting whooped by Lawson Crouse tonight. I like that he stood up for his teammate even when outmatched, and I think he’s been our 3rd best defensemen behind Green and Daley.

The Bad

Like I said above, Nick Jensen has looked goo-


I did not like this goal. Howard got two of those rebounds before Keller crashes in and gets to poke that in. Jensen just kind of loses his balance and weirdly tries to swat at it with his hand instead of using his stick. Either way Howard should have ideally covered that but I won’t say a bad thing about team MVP James Russel Howard III, so I’ll complain about the defense not clearing the crease.

And here’s my early vote for the Calder Clayton Keller getting his second of the night with the Wings defense just playing HORRIBLE gap control after Helm had a HORRIBLE turnover and Zetterberg had a HORRIBLE back check. This whole play was horrible and sums up everything bad about the Wings this season.

Kronwall has already talked about having to play by ear if he can do a back to back. He looked slow, rusty, and ineffective. It’s hard to watch. I’m unsure if I think good old Michigan boy Witkowski on the blue line will be an improvement.

The WTF?

That first period was probably the worst period of hockey in recent memory and that ranges from NHL games all the way down to watching beer league teams where no one even knows how to skate backwards and can only do the snowplow stop. The Wings were getting outplayed by the Coyotes. This isn’t a “hockey in the desert is dumb” thing, this is a “the Coyotes are an undeniably terrible team” thing.

Look this is a thing we’re going to need to get used to, because the Wings are bad and have been bad all year even when they won. They were bad tonight for massive swaths of the game and they won.  But I don’t want any fans to accept it. I will always say WTF when I have to see such horrible play from my team. Especially when I have to stay up so damn late.

Next Game

Tomorrow against the newly knighted Sir Vegas at 10:30. At least I don’t have early morning PT

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