Game 2 – Detroit @ Ottawa – What a Frk’n Goal

Ovechkin is scoring 4 goals in a game with back to back hat tricks to start the season and neither team tonight can seem to buy a goal.

Even with a low scoring game, I don’t get the “boring” narrative in Ottawa. A tough gritty hockey game is still a hockey game.

The Good

I don’t want to say shit like this but Jimmy Howard is going to be in conversation for the Vezina if he keeps up this play. I have never seen him play as sharp as he has the past two games. Things that would have gotten past him years back are just getting stonewalled. The diving save he made it OT on Dzingel (who I think is a rejected Big Bang Theory punchline) was amazing. He crushed the shootout. Even more than that he’s playing in front of a terrible defense. I’m actually really interested to see what Mrazek looks like when he starts this season, because he has a BIG hill ahead of him if Howard continues to play this well.

Martin Frk has back to back goals and I’m actually really hoping he can manage to stick in this lineup beyond just the powerplay. We need some young players to step into the top 9 role when these horrible veteran contracts eventually run out and we gotta restock.

Also his name is amazing for making “frk = fuck” jokes. I mean, Ken Daniels said “What a Frk’n shot” live on broadcast.

The Bad

Jonathan Ericsson cannot clear the zone and Ottawa gets a goal because of it. More than that though, it’s a toss up all season whether or not one of the defensemen out on the ice does something dumb and I gotta sit on the edge of my seat to see if the other guy will bail them out. If it’s not Ericsson, it’s DeKeyser. Or Kronwall. This season Ouellet has looked rough too. Daley doesn’t seem to bad but he’s pinched in both games and caused bad situations. Mike Green cannot carry this team alone in the defensive end.

At least Jensen hasn’t made me hate him yet.

Blashill put Trevor Daley at 3rd in the shootout (he was 1 for 3, now 1 for 4) over Frk, Larkin, Mantha, and Tatar because he really can’t sleep at night without giving me reason to question his sanity.

The WTF?

What are we thinking about the penalty situation in the NHL right now? I know the league is pushing the new slashing rules but there were 11 penalties tonight of which I think 7 were slashing. One the one hand, I feel obligated to support anything to prevents Sidney Crosby from severing Marc Methot’s finger in a game. On the other, the NHL does not give a single shit about protecting a player they are out here to increasing scoring by any means necessary because they think that’s why people won’t watch. It’s definitely slowing the game down, along with the faceoff rules, and I know for a fact people are frustrated watching it. Zetterberg hates the faceoff rule so it must be bad. I can’t help but wonder if half way through the season I’m going to be throwing my own laptop in anger as well.


Looks like Expedia can get me round trip tickets to Ottawa for 800 dollars. Starting a go fund me for tickets so I can go figure out who was drunk at work when deciding the 3 stars.

Next Game

Tuesday at Dallas 8:30pm. I hope Kari Lehtonen is still playing.

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