Game 1 – Minnesota @ Detroit – Welcome to the LCA

Here we are, the start of the 2017-2018 season finally, a new arena, some new faces on the team, and even with a relatively promising preseason there was a bit of a cloud of despair around this team already. Projections everywhere have us at last in the Atlantic, and it sounded like we were going to have to watch the Wings battle for a lottery spot.

Look alright this team has a lot of weaknesses but this was a fantastic first game in the new arena.

The Good

Holy shit we have an offense finally.

Last year our PowerPlay was offensive to my eyes and this year instead we actually have something that is generating scoring chances. Maybe it’s because we have exciting young players actually getting a look on the PP instead of GRIT. Martin Frk may only have oneish dimension to his game, a shot that deserves some sort of artillery nickname like “Big Bertha”, but holy hell it works. Happy Birthday to him as he gets an assist on the first goal ever scored at the LCA.

What a cannon to create a clean up opportunity for Anthony Manta and then here he goes again with that powerful shot to blast it home

Larkin and Zetterberg both got goals as well to power our offense to a 4-2 victory over the Minnesota Wild.

If you had told me that Jimmy Howard would be playing the best hockey of his career at the age of 33 behind one of the worst defenses in the NHL than I would have bet you money that you were wrong.

I’d have lost that bet.

The Bad

As you just read, one of the worst defenses. Our 5v5 play is not great, and we still can’t seem to reliably get through the neutral zone or get out of our own damn zone. We were outshot and hemmed in most of the game. Two goals had to get waived off against us in the 4-2 win. Now, those were clearly goaltender interference calls but you cannot rely on the refs to get it right every time and you certainly need to learn how to defend at the goal line better. Wild players were walking into our crease, setting up tents and getting ready to sing campfire songs while Ericsson cross checked them into Howard. The Chris Stewart goal was just all of the Red Wings watching the puck feverishly and hanging Howard out to dry.

I don’t really want to knock Nyquist because this is an incredible save but you wanna seem him bury this one

The WTF?

Take away my FSD broadcast for the home opener at the new arena, fine.

Why was this all I got to see of the introduction of our roster for the season?

This is all I got to see while Doc and Pierre talked about who gives a shit and I watched literal commercials.

Seriously NBCSN. Get your shit together

Next Game

Saturday @ Ottawa – 7pm. Probably will be a patented “boring” hockey game.


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