Wheelhouse Mailbag – Preseason Roster Edition – 9/29/17

Welcome to the first mailbag I’ll be doing here. Enough people were on board with it, so I’ll make them a semi regular thing over the course of the season. For the Preseason, we unsurprisingly have questions mostly focusing on what the Red Wings are going to look like this year.

That’s a tough one. If we look at forwards guaranteed to make the roster this year, we have (Lines totally made up and irrelevant):

Tatar – Zetterberg – Nyquist

Mantha – Larkin – Nielsen

Helm – Abby – Glendening

? – Sheahan – ?

So that’s two spots that are in competition, not counting the fact that if AA can be signed he is getting a spot. For now, because unfortunately it looks like he will not be signed by opening day, let’s assume there are two spots. The four players competing for those spots look to be Witkowski, Frk, Parenteau, and Booth. Frk seems to have made a great impression so far and I think he starts the season up with the club.

Out of the three, I think Witkowski gets a spot before Parenteau and Booth, simply by virtue that he’s been signed to a contract and that he represents some “flexibility” in that he can play forward or defense. In terms of who I think would be the best, I don’t know. I don’t particularly like any of them as signings and none have impressed me in the preseason. I’d rather it go to one of the kids in Grand Rapids like Svechnikov or maybe even Rasmussen instead (please don’t rush him though).

Final Answer: If AA gets signed, neither Booth or Parenteau are getting signed. If he doesn’t get signed, it’s still unlikely but I think Booth would get signed first based on the preseason.


My boy Hicketts. I’ve loved Hicketts since I first starting watching clips of him with the Victoria Royals. A quarter of my views on this site are related to Hicketts in one way or another. Joe Hicketts is a good hockey player and has looked good in the preseason so far. If I were Blashill I’d be asking for him to start the season up over some of our weaker options.

Realistically though? There’s 7 guys ahead of him at minimum right now: Green, Daley, DDK, Ericsson, Ouellet, Kronwall, and Jensen. It’s debatable that Sproul is also ahead of him though as far as I know management still hasn’t decided if they actually like Sproul as a hockey player for the Detroit Red Wings. I think Hicketts goes back to Grand Rapids to continue to develop and is the first call up in case of enough injury, barring a bad slump or maybe Robbie Russo having a breakout year down there.

Thanks for your questions everyone. As always, you can hit us up on Twitter if you want to chat. We’ll catch you next time!

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