Game 77 & 78 – Detroit vs Tampa and Toronto – Playing for Glory

I’m really glad we don’t have to many of these pointless games left. As much as I like watching hockey, it’s really hard to reconcile your feelings when the best scenario for the Red Wings is losing.

The Good

Well our defense has actually been providing a scoring touch the past two games. Mike Green potted a pair, Jensen had a great one, and Kronwall managed to get his second of the season. Even DDK contributed something meaningful by scoring one. Of 7 goals scored the past two games 5 came from defensemen. Which, is awesome. I’ll say it right here that I definitely don’t want Mike Green to go in the offseason. Keep him at least until the next trade deadline and decide them.

I particularly like double one timer top shelf Green pulled off against Tampa.

It only took one try against the Leafs

Henrik Zetterberg is the GOAT and has like, 35 points in the past 30 games or something. This season is going to be held up as one of his greatest achievements, along with the Conn Smythe year.

The Bad

Anthony Mantha is done for the season. That sucks. He had a real shot at hitting 20 or more goals this year. And what’s worse, the broken finger came in a fight that I am 100% convinced was a headhunting situation after Mantha tried to just straight MMA destroy his opponent. While I like that he sticks up for himself, this is not the guy you want fighting for these exact reasons. The Wings don’t have enough proven goal scorers for the ones we do have to break their fingers.

The WTF?

Danny Dekeyser invented a new type of hattrick. Score a goal:

Then score another goal on your own team:

And finally take a penalty to leads to your team getting scored on

Jesus fucking christ, can we have Ericsson back yet?

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