Game 75 & 76 – Detroit @ Carolina – Eliminated (Most Likely)

If the Leafs get a point (and it looks like they will) then the Detroit Red Wings have been eliminated from playoff contention for the first time in 25 years.

Heads high everyone. 25 years is a massively impressive accomplishment. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it ending. Eras come and eras go, and the new stadium will be a new era for the Wings. The future will be bright.

The Good

Anthony Mantha scored two breakaway goals in as many minutes last night, both of which were beautiful. Anyone not convinced he’s an integral part of the future yet? No? Didn’t think so.

Tatar is still hot with another PowerPlay goal (I believe we are up to 28th in the league now, which is a far cry from the worst in the league powerplay the Wings had for much of the middle of the season. Way to climb back.) Nosek gets his first as a Red Wing tonight with a goal that I think honestly was as close to legal goaltender interference as you can get.

Zetterberg continues to do ridiculous shit like split the D and skate through the whole team, and playmaking like never before. I can’t remember the last season he looked this good. He looked great even on the 3rd game in a row, when almost no one did. Howard and Mrazek both looked pretty good, not spectacular. Mrazek got the win and Howard barely had a team in front of him, they’re not the reasons we lost.

The Bad

Fucking hell, 3 games in a row is probably one of the worst things ever in the NHL. I mean, you can see teams look slow on the back to back, but after the back to back to back it’s insane. The Red Wings were getting circles skated around them most of the game to my eyes. Trouble getting anything going, trouble defending, just trouble. It was bad. It’s a fucking miracle that the Red Wings had 22 shots after ending the first period with 4.

You read that correctly. 4 shots. That’s 1 shot every five minutes.

Thank god we’re not in any sort of playoff hunt, right? Because the NHL would have straight up fucked us out of 2 points there in this situation. Triple games in a row is awful and I hope I never have to see the Wings put through it again.

The WTF?

AA scored the game winning goal last night, and it was beautiful but aftermath sucked.

We got to see Trevor Thompson talk to Lack before tonight’s game so he’s doing well, and that’s fantastic. But it brings up something that always makes me say “What the actual fuck?” Rask clearly checks AA into Lack, causing the neck whiplash incident. Then again tonight after Larkin got boarded Abby came in and started shoving people around Larkin, again risking their own players injury because of physical play.

I’m all for physical play, but what is with players being blinded to the presence of their teammates? It happened early this season when Phillip Larson was kicked in the head while unconscious by his own teammate on the ground. How about we pay attention and DON’T START FIGHTS ON TOP OF YOUR TEAMMATE or DON’T CHECK PEOPLE INTO YOUR GOALIE. I’m sick of this shit. We see people talk about injuries and protecting players in the game because of fighting but we never see people talk about the little things of just having some commn sense and not wrecking your teammates.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t have enough grit.

Next Game

Thursday vs the Lightning. I hope we beat them. I don’t want to hear about how Stevie Y sold at the deadline and still made the playoffs.

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