Game 70 – Colorado @ Detroit – Bloodbath in the Stands

This is a game that you have to win, after the loss on Wednesday. The rivalry might be all but dead but when the last play team beats you earlier in the week you gotta come out with something to prove. Unfortunately, the Red Wings did not burst out the game, but they certainly did finish it.

The announcing staff burst into song for Ken Daniels’ birthday though. Happy Birthday Ken!

It’s also The Wheelhouse’s very own Zac Higgins’ birthday today, so happy birthday to him as well. May this year be filled with many saves for his glove.

The Good

Holy shit, that third period. What a game. Whatever happened to get the Wings to pull their heads out of their asses, it worked because they were on fire for the last 15 minutes. Tomas Tatar with 2 goals in 90 seconds, making him our first 20 goal scorer this season. Larkin rips home a shot from the high slot to make it 4-1 and snag his 15th. Zetterberg with a fantastic back pass through the slot for Nyquist’s 10th. Lot of multiples of fives going around here. Jimmy Howard was great making a lot of saves as the Avs outshot us through the first two but only giving up a deflection that he could not have stopped or even known was coming.

And really, this game ended up being one of those games that you can really remember and hold up. The last Wings-Avs game at the Joe, and thought it took awhile the team came out and shut them down one last time. It’s a redemption of Wednesday, it’s a line in the sand. It’s the Wings saying, “We might not make the playoffs, but we’re still going to play this game every night.”

The Bad

The first 40 minutes were probably the most boring 2 periods of hockey I’ve seen this season. Choppy rushes, low percentage chances, neither side could really get a handle on the other. Even when Abby scored in the 2nd it bounced off someones foot to just slip by. I did laundry during the 1st, that’s how slow the game was. I didn’t even miss anything. They made up for all of this in the 3rd.

The MacKinnon goal was not Howard’s fault, but Kronwall could’ve done better to clear the crease. People were up in arms about it in on Twitter (saw a lot of please retire Kronwall tweets) but honestly it wasn’t the worst thing I’e seen him do all season. I’m just nitpicky basically. This was a good game for Detroit, if only for the rocket of a third.

Darren Helm got hurt again and it looked like a potential bad knee injury. Looks like Nosek might get to play after all, after looking at the hit I don’t expect him in Monday.

The WTF?

If you aren’t familiar with it, the photogapher’s gap is a little square cut in the glass for a photographer to put the lens of their camera through so they can take unobstructed pictures of the players on the ice. It’s not very big, certainly not much bigger than the puck.

Francois Beauchemin LASERED that thing through the photographer’s gap and beaned a guy directly in the face. I’ve been watching hockey and hockey highlights religiously for at least 5 years now, and I’ve not seen that before. It’s not so much that it went through even, but the angle of the clear is just so absolutely perfect that it makes it up several rows before hitting the guy square in the face. It’s a perfect storm of “oh shit did that just happen?” AND HE DIDN’T EVEN SPILL HIS GINGER ALE

Looks like Beauchemin gave the guy an autographed stick too. Class move, I’ve always liked him.

Next Game

Monday against Buffalo. I will be missing this game, because I’ll be playing my first hockey game, so they will probably win.



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