Game 69 – Detroit @ Arizona – Back and Forth

Well this was quite the game of give and take. I really would like to thrash the bottom feeder teams but unfortunately the fact that they’re playing us about even or better just helps show that we are in the discussion right there with them in the Lottery Division.

The Good

Well the offense scored 4 goals in regulation, with 2 of them being PowerPlay goals on the road, so from that perspective this was a really strong game up front. Larkin opened the scored in the 1st on the PP with a great goal while Mike Smith tumbled into his own net. Nice to see him get one after a struggling sophomore season.

Mike Green scored (remember that’s what he’s supposed to be best at) on a beautiful backhand shot, and Zetterberg put away a shot that quite frankly I thought Mike Smith definitely should’ve had. Tatar continues to be hot and scores his team leading 18th goal. I don’t have a lot of complaints from the forwards tonight, as they at least put the puck in the net enough to make up for the poor defensive play.

And Nyquist scored the only shootout goal to keep our perfect shootout record alive. Seriously, how are we still 100% in that. We struggled with that damn thing since the shootout was implemented and now that we suck we have become magical at it.

The Bad

Well you gave up 4 goals to Arizona, including one short handed, so that’s not good. Mike Green was a -2 even with a goal and an assist. He was a -2 alongside Kronwall who I already spent an entire bad section disparging so I won’t do that hear again. Honestly what made me mad is that they were just not playing responsible with the lead. It was a blue line pass in the ozone that was easily picked off and lead to the game tying goal, and that’s the kind of thing you can’t have when you’re up by 1. You gotta play smart hockey if you want to keep leads.

Mrazek was shaky in places even though he stonewalled the shootout. Particularly the Chychrun goal where he didn’t get any of it at all. I know he was screened but I really think you need to get a piece of a shot that comes from the point. Especially when it wasn’t a one timer. I’m not particularly upset with him, but I don’t like seeing sub .900 games.

The WTF?

Oh boy those lineup decisions. One, Mantha played less than 10 minutes, none in the 3rd or OT it looks like. Now I saw Malik say that he agreed Mantha was coasting/floating out there but come on. We just went through this shit. What do you want from him? What is the appropriate level of compete? I mean at least he was playing at all, but I’m calling it now he’s scratched against the Avs.

More astonishingly was the amount of Kronwall I saw in the OT period. Um, why? You know we’re paying Mike Green 6 million a year right? Offensive defenseman Mike Green, who already had 2 points in the game? Why is he not getting played in OT on the PowerPlay? Or Nick Jensen who has been easily our most steady defenseman in the past couple weeks. Not only that but he does smart things in the offensive zone to create chances. Why not play him? In fact there’s a ton of people that I think would have been fucking better than Niklas Kronwall. Or maybe a dynamic young forward who is a good goal scorer, like….Mantha?


Next Game

Saturday against the Avs again. Please beat them. It’ll be so close to the 20th anniversary. You gotta make up for the loss last night.


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