Game 67 – Rangers @ Detroit – Two Scratches

Mantha was scratched again tonight. I’m not going to make a big WTF out of it because I did that last game.

The Good

Nielsen’s goal came on the PowerPlay and man was it a reminder of what can happen when your team can pass the puck around and make some moves in the offensive zone. This is what a good hockey team making plays looks like.

Other than that, we looked good at times but never consistent. Some solid powerplay chances I thought at times. Larkin looked good, Tatar and Nyquist look great right now. Mrazek played solid for what little defensive support he got.

Russo was the first Red Wings I’ve seen all season clear a puck on the doorstop. Which, I get it, it’s a hard skill but I feel like I shouldn’t be noticing it for the first time on game 67.

The Bad

Mantha was benched for failing to compete and failing to backcheck. Yet here we are watching tons of our other forwards fail to backcheck and hustle and whatever other intangibles you want to bring up and cost us goals against.

You think Sheahan could’ve gotten back in time on that one? You think? It’s a bad play all around but there’s nobody getting back as hard as they need too. You can see Larkin just sort of stand up like “Oh shit, we’ve lost the puck. Maybe I should…yeah, yeah I should go.” Everyone needs to compete, and you can’t selectively punish players two games in a row for not competing.

Blashill spins shit about hustle and compete level and bad habits…but apparently older players are apparently exempt from this learning process. DDK has given up what feels like a goal a game on average. Why am I still complaining about this. You guys are watching the same games I am.

The bottom line is, tonight we played well at times, eventually we just got outworked too many times and it just robbed us of a potential W. Forwards couldn’t get the passes done they need to, and it just all kind of sucked. It was bad but not the worst thing I’ve seen.

The WTF?

Holy shit come on are you kidding me? That looks like the kind of clowning around you do on your fucking beer league team after practice when you want to see how bad you can punk your goalie. Ridiculous. Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out another Red Wing who made the exact same play.


Also I am putting it out here right now: I will write a 500 word article covering Riley Sheahan’s first non empty net goal of the season, provided it happens. 500 glorious words of praise.

Next Game

Wednesday against the only team in the league worst than us: The Colorado Avalanche. I don’t really care about the point anymore but can we please give Mantha some playing time? Please?

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