Game 66 – Chicago @ Detroit – Kryptonite

I expected Jurco to score this game, since Marchenko did, but thankfully we don’t live in a Twilight Zone. Or, well, we do, since we actually beat the pants off one of the better teams in the league.

The Good

James Russell Howard III is back and he is looking like he’s in his old form. .923 SV% and in all honesty, that first goal had nothing to do with him at all, those numbers could be even higher if not for that. I don’t know if he looked better than Mrazek, but he looked at least as solid and having two above average goaltenders is a nice problem to have.

Tatar has been having very good games lately and put together another 2 goal night to both get the game winning goal and the insurance marker. Both assisted by Zetterberg, primarily reminding us that without the ageless Swedish wonder our team has basically nothing driving our offense. Tatar also picked up an assist on an amazing zone entry behind the back pass to Jensen who flipped it off to AA for his 15th of the season. Honestly if the offense on this team clicks like this rest of the season we might have a couple 20 goals scorers.

Does Xavier Ouellet like DMX’s X Gon’ Give It To Ya? Because they play that song whenever he scores or fights, and while I love it it would be kind of funny if it turns out he’s the type of guy who only likes country music or indie rock or something.

The Bad

Just Dekeyser things at this point. Why not allowed a ridiculous one timer on the first shot on goal when your goalie just comes back from injury. It’s lucky that Howard isn’t easily rattled because this game could’ve gone a different way.

Other than that giveaway, I didn’t think they looked bad this game. There were some dangerous moments, for sure, but on a whole they were all fighting on the puck for a fullish 60 minutes and the offense did what it had to to get goal support. Not too much to complain about the on ice product tonight.

But the off ice…

The WTF?

So Anthony Mantha was scratched today. And I gotta say, this fucking sucks. Mantha may not have had the greatest two way game lately, or his compete level where it needs to be. That’s fine I’m not going to argue with disciplining and motivating players by making lineup decisions because every coach does it.


Why isn’t DDK getting benched? Or Sheahan? Or Kronwall? Or at least getting their minutes cut? You know Sproul was a healthy scratch for those guys like a dozen and more times. I mean come on. You can’t fucking give half your roster a free pass when they are literally losing us games. Did Mantha lose those games to for us? I don’t think so. But DDK has almost certainly lost games for us with his piss poor defensive play. Mantha only has 3 goals in his past 22 games according to broadcast. SHEAHAN HAS NO GOALS ON AN NHL RECORD BREAKING NUMBER OF SHOTS.

I can’t…you can’t not get mad at this. This is exactly the kind of thing that you have to get pissed at. Especially with the Wings firmly out of the playoffs, the last thing you should do is take away playing time from the players you want to develop.

Next Game

Sunday against the Rangers. Rangers are a really good team this year, and I expect Brendan Smith to get a goal against us because traded.

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