Game 64 & 65 – Detroit @ Toronto & Boston – Low Effort Double Feature

I put as much work into this one as the Red Wings put into these two games.

That is to stay, not a lot.

The Good

Marchenko scored his first of the season and…wait, he’s a Leaf now. FUCK. CHANGE THE PICTURE NHL APP.

Nyquist got two goals, both of which were pretty nice goals and I was happy to see him score since he’s been in a bit of a slump, what with the whole “I tried to remove a guys eye” suspension thing.

Mrazek looked good in the Toronto game, defense didn’t do him any favors and he had quite a few breakaway saves. Honestly there are more things to complain about than those goals he let in.

Zetterberg is now 20 points ahead of the second leading scorer on our team. Now, I think Blashill may have been drunk/stoned/misquoted when he said we will make the playoffs because of Henrik Zetterberg, but I will say this. This team is in competition for Colorado for absolute biggest dumpster fire of a team this season if not for this man. Z has put the team on his back even as his back breaks, and is still lugging them towards wins with as much fire as he could muster. God bless this man.

There was fucking nothing good about the Boston game.

The Bad

Jared Coreau is not an NHL caliber goaltender (yet. I still think he might make backup status). This is not the most surprising thing this season.

Riley Sheahan has broken the record for most shots on goal in a season by a forward without potting one. This is not the most surprising thing this season.

Danny Dekeyser may not be an NHL caliber defenseman this year. This, to me, is the most fucking surprising thing about this season. I counted THREE goals in two games that were a direct result of the fact that DDK is the worst dman I’ve watched on the Red Wings in my memory. BRING BACK JAKUB KINDL, fuck I don’t know. I don’t want to see him out there. I want to curl into a fetal position and get sent back in time to when we thought he was our exciting young defensive prospect with a good future, not an overpaid pylon.

Darren Helm had probably the worst two games of the season back to back, after I heaped praises on him for have the best season of his career and finally scoring on breakaways. That jinx ain’t on me,  I heard them say the same damn thing on the Winged Wheel Podcast (which you should totally check out, as it’s more entertaining than these games were.)

The WTF?

So you can’t call a high stick that causes Z to gush blood from his head but you can call a handpass on him at the faceoff dot WHILE HE’S STILL GOT DRIED BLOOD ON HIS FACE?


That is this season in a nutshell ladies and gentleman. Pack your shit and go home, nothing to see here anymore.

Next Game

Tomorrow against the Hawks. Prepare for a pounding.

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