Game 63 – Detroit @ Edmonton – Tired Edition

The Red Wings are tired, I’m tired, everyone’s tired. WE’RE ALL TIRED. TIRED OF LOSING.

The Good

Darren Helm scored in back to back games, with a breakaway. *Insert joke about Helm managing to finish on a breakaway here*

Zetterberg continues to be a wizard with the puck extending his point streak to I believe 9 games and hitting 50 points again for the 10th time in his career. Mantha scored the first goal and is now tied for 2nd on the team in goals with 14. I honestly am still really excited about Mantha, even though he has cooled off a bit I think he can definitely be the kind of goal scorer the Red Wings need.

Zetterberg also assisted on Larkin’s goal in the ending minute of the game, not that it stopped us from losing but it was nice to see Larkin get a goal after, I don’t want to say struggling, but he certainly hasn’t had the scoring touch he wants. Nice to see him get rewarded, but the Wings gotta stop trying to tie games up in the last 10 seconds of the game. We’re not the Detroit Lions for fuck’s sake.

Petr Mrazek looked a lot better than 4 goals allowed suggests. He was making big saves all night long, and I would would say only the Eberle goal is really on him. The McDavid goal to a lesser extent he could have maybe stopped but when the Art Ross leader gets a chance to deke you I don’t know how many goalies are going to get to stop that. He was making a lot of aggressive toe saves tonight, sliding all over the place. It’s simulataneous great fun to watch and ass clenchingly scary.

The Wings protect him in the expansion draft. Anything else is just stupid.

The Bad

Well as a whole the defense just looked bad. I’m going to give fatigue here’s as part of an excuse but let’s be honest we’ve seen them be bad all season. Losing Sproul and bumping us down to 5 D did not help the situation. Two defenseman pull off to try and cover Lucic and get Eberle time to skate across the slot and put in a soft as hell backhander. Mike Green sits on the door step and doesn’t block a pass to Maroon on the doorstep giving an easy goal. I can’t keep harping on this. They’re not good, but I really think there’s a big difference in ability and hockey IQ. You should be able to learn the latter so LEARN IT.

Also the Red Wings are the masters of getting into the offensive zone, skating into the corner and then making a pass into the slot. It works well in theory, if you got someone there for a quick one timer. BUT THEY DON’T. NO ONE’S EVER THERE. And they don’t fucking look either, they just dump it into the mass of enemy players skates. I swear. It’s hard enough for us to get into the damn zone without you giving the fucking puck away immediately!

The WTF?

So Riley Sheahan has now hit Jeff Blashill in the face with a puck before he has scored a goal this season. This is remarkable because:

A) Riley Sheahan is a hockey player

B) Jeff Blashill is not a hockey player

Actually I think the best part is how clearly you can hear an impact and an audible FUCK when Sheahan flips it into said bench.

We had a lot of problems with the bench tonight, with Sproul getting cartwheeled into it by Hendricks for probably the greatest line change of his career.

It’s less funny now that Sproul may be out for the season.

Next Game

Tuesday against the ice cold Maple Leafs. Sounds about right for the Wings to give them an opportunity to break a big losing streak.

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